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just a cool 80s kid

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Gunstar Heroes
Zero Divide

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Zero Divide

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  • 19 December 2012
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  • 6 years ago
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  • I've got to ask: Do you genuinely own a copy of Chase HQ II for the GX4000?

    If so: Kudos. That's definitely a holy grail piece!
    profile 1049 days ago
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  • Buddy please add me so i dont always have to leave sperate messages, posts that flow are so much better for the feed, the idea for the list is great, im sure jam or the next host will make a note of this.

    We are called the Activity team by the way, no big dogs or people in charge of anyone round these parts just a bunch of idiots hopefully helping make the place more fun
    profile 2168 days ago
  • To the powers-that-be...the big dogs in charge... whatever you wanna call yourselves: have we had like a top ten 'remakes wishlist' already? You know...list the top ten retro games you wanna see remade. Just an idea for the top brass.
    profile 2168 days ago
  • Comment on the photo IMG_3985
    • bonus point for anyone who can guess the game running on the screen !?!?! (if it's what I think it is...it sure ain't easy)
    photos 2168 days ago
  • Comment on the photo tatsujin03
    • I'm sure I've said this before, but "dude your collection is out of the park!"
    photos 2182 days ago
  • *(tips hat to handfulofbits)*
    profile 2182 days ago
  • cheers buddy, yea I recall at least one machine in goodge street had mame running.nothing like the real deal tho.
    profile 2182 days ago
  • It might be worth calling up some HMVs in the area. All of the Scottish ones have MAME arcade cabinets and pinball machines in them. Not exactly retro, but if you're just looking to play some old games, that is an option. Otherwise, here's a thread cataloging some of the retro machines around London http://www.jammaplus.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=35724&title=london-pubs-with-arcade-machines
    profile 2182 days ago
  • morning retro-ites. does anyone know of any old skool arcades in / near London? There used to be a casino on Goodge Street that had classics in the basement. I sure do miss those days...
    profile 2182 days ago
  • Comment on the photo SAM_0223
    • nice collection friend. ape escape is one title I always wanted to play, but could never find...
    photos 2182 days ago
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  • I know this is sacrilegious ,but I prefer playing guardian heros on xbon then the Saturn ,I feel bad saying it though,Treasure are such a special game developer.
    profile 2186 days ago
  • The retro collect game club (new name in the works) always meets up on a FRIDAY night on xbox live to have a chat and talk rubbish and play games, maybe one of the peeps will play Guardian Heroes with you as well, win win
    profile 2186 days ago
  • Greetings Programs! I trust all is well on the (retro) Grid. For those of you who like your old skool run n' gun platformers, Guardian Heroes (360) is available to download for a mere tuppence. I shall be online tonight if anyone cares to join in for a few rounds of multiplayer bullet ballet. Have a great weekend!
    profile 2186 days ago
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