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Luv a good laugh and luv collecting,,, im attempting a full PAL ps2 collection atm

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are they on fucking drugs? #Smackhead-Converters http://webshop.cashconverters.co.uk/auction-item/676973/tak-3-ps2-game
- 5 years ago
  • Member since
  • 19 November 2013
  • Last online
  • 2 weeks ago
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  • friends rile91 and TriXium are now friends
  • cos there straight up donkeys thats y
    profile 1897 days ago
  • WTF!? Why are they charging so much!?
    profile 1897 days ago
  • profile 1897 days ago
  • lol, buy my games, I'm a criminal and I'm going to jail.....
    profile 1897 days ago
  • contemplating selling some of my gaming stuff as im going to jail and need funds for while im in there,, gutted tbh as i love my gaming shit aswel,,, needs must n all that shit
    profile 1899 days ago
  • Bloody amazing deal mate! Well done :)
    profile 1914 days ago
  • my mate posts a status about zelda on the sp,, someone on his comments offers him for free a gamecube, gameboy player + disk, 2 memory cards n 7 advance games (zelda 4 swords, castlevania, breath of fire 1 n 2, donkey kong n a couple uvas),, he says no! lol,, i asked if she wanted to sell, offerd me it for 20quid,, yea nice 1 luv il have that off ya :)
    profile 1914 days ago
  • vgm was rammed!
    profile 1929 days ago
  • played mortal kombat in the same room as my 5yr old boy,, i was playing 2 player with my other 7yr old son,, i did a fatality finishin (u remember how gory they are lol),, safe to say i cant play infront of my 5yr old anymore, he started crying.. need to inject some testosterone into him, help bring on his first chest hair
    profile 1940 days ago
  • on the carling
    profile 1946 days ago
  • friends ollie809 and TriXium are now friends
  • Yeah ridiculous will all be worth it when my daughter can stay over in her new room tho. Awesome avatar btw
    profile 1947 days ago
  • friends TriXium and Punisher are now friends
  • a month!?! fackin hell u aint messed about with some of the quality titles have ya haha
    profile 1948 days ago
  • Thanks, just started about a month ago!
    profile 1948 days ago
  • haha mattresses are usual more expensive than the f'in frames! scandalous init lol
    profile 1948 days ago
  • ya got sum beauty ps2 games mate
    profile 1948 days ago

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