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Finally picked up a copy of Baten Katos in the wild :) happy days.
- 2 years ago
  • Member since
  • 29 June 2014
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  • 2 months ago
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  • Love playing Lone Survivor on the vita in the dark. Great game with an awesome soundtrack.
    profile 813 days ago
  • Finally picked up a copy of Baten Katos in the wild :) happy days.
    profile 822 days ago
  • Ive sent you the list via message. Let me know!
    profile 851 days ago
  • friends Mozex and TreeMunky are now friends
  • Minish Cap is my second favourite Zelda game :)
    profile 851 days ago
  • There are loads. With about 240 titles you have a lot to choose from. Im selling about 45 odd games at the moment, if you are interested drop me a message and I can send you the list.
    profile 852 days ago
  • Hello fine Retro folk had a little break but back lurking again. Started the new year off with a nice Sega score. Picked myself up a Saturn and a dozen or so games. Any Saturn collectors got a list of good titles I should keep a look out for?
    profile 852 days ago
  • Comment on the photo IMG_0353
    • Genius fella had not seen this before :)
    photos 1145 days ago
  • Lively in here this afternoon.
    profile 1156 days ago
  • The move is finished :) new games filled with boxes, games buried under a mountain of boxes. That leaves the manuals to read from my new MD games from The Saint, many thanks fella :)
    profile 1167 days ago
  • friends TreeMunky and The Saint are now friends
  • The move has started new games room coming soon :)
    profile 1181 days ago
  • Grape coloured N64 and four games for £65 in my local charity shop. No flies on these guys!!!
    profile 1186 days ago
  • So I'm moving to a bigger place and my beloved games room that went to my equally beloved little one is being revived in the new house :) Happy Days
    profile 1205 days ago
  • Sheik Amiibo figure @Argos eBay for £4.79 (item number 361416834051)
    profile 1212 days ago
  • eBay lesson learnt, missed out on a Mario Galaxy 2 game/moneybox edition that went for £20. Walk past Oxfam on the way to work this morning and what do I spy! much cheaper too :)
    profile 1213 days ago

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