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Surprise. Turns out weddings are expensive.
I will be getting together a list/prices/photos of some of the stuff I can bare to part with and post it on the For Sale Forum within the next few weeks. If anyone wants to jump the gun for something they are desperate for, just let me know. It will mostly be CIB Megadrive and Dreamcast games or cart only NES/SNES/N64/GB(C) games.


Done registering all of my games. 1969 total.


In need of a working copy of xiaolin showdown for xbox! :(


I can't believe how good those box protectors are, they make my games look so sexy!
Sentinel64, I love you man.

Loch and Quay

Finally beat Resi 6, 3 years after I stopped playing it.


Couple of rubbish games gone, now replaced with much better boxed titles :D


Does the 'Extremely Rare' rating on 'Super Mario Bros. & Tetris & Nintendo World Cup' only relate to a boxed copy?


cant believe people are already trying to sell Nintendo minis on ebay even though they aint even out yet and £110 PMSL they are £50 on funstock what are people thinking


Popped into CEX after work tonight. Ended up buying three Sega Master System games I needed for the collection. It's the 1st time in over a year I've bought anything. Felt guilty for spending the money after. My wife now has two stocking fillers to give me at Xmas and 1 main present from another family member. Jobs a good'n


Man, NGPC games don't half go for big bucks now. Need 8 more to complete the collection. May need a mortgage for Cotton.

The Saint

Message to all members

Anyone selling on the community feed and circumnavigating the rules WILL BE BANNED. End of

No further warnings will be given


Tonight's gonna be da bomb! :)


Wow! 6months since i played retro! i need to get back into it soon. Good to see everyone's still on the forum and been getting some good steals at the bootys/charity shops :-)


finally got my copies of Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean and have to say I am impressed at how good they are for repros.


Added quite a few SNES games recently. Pilotwings, Urban Strike, Plok, Bubsy, Alien 3, Super Street Fighter II, Ahhh Real Monsters and currently winning Doom (which is a replacement for my less than mint copy)


Well the reason i asked about whether anyone liked metal gear is...i have a spare revengence steelbook. for those that like that sort of thing.


Happy Birthday to me! Now then, which of my 3 new Saturn games to play - Burning Rangers, Guardian Heroes or Bomberman? Cheers to retrogamesatyourdoor for the delivery ;)

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