TombRaiderKuchen's friends


So, asked on twitter about looking at issues on this site. They’ve replied saying they will be looking into it soon. So fingers crossed fixes will start soon!


Its been while since i was on here , :P

whats new ?


Looking for a working Turbografx 16 CDROM unit if anyone has a spare one for sale or trade please let me know.


Finally got- and am thoroughly enjoying- Shadow Hearts.


home at last! hope everyone had a good christmas!


selling a chunk of my gaming stuff off, help me pay my bills! :(


if anyone is interested in any of my games, contact me - i'm selling out


Empire of Steel, Blockout, Alisia Dragoon, Mega Games 1 to 3, Thunder Force II... These are just some of the games we found in our weekly charity shop hunt :-)


would anyone actually sell some of they're collection?


Not been on here for a while, but wondered if anyone has Rapid Reload on PS1? I'd like to know if it's worth tracking down as it's described as being like Gunstar Heroes, however, it got completely slated/ flatout ignored as a launch title.


Found Super SMash bros Melee in a used items store today. Just 8,80 euros. A small bargain I think..?


Just got my Zelda Limited Edition box. The one with 6 CE guides!! Im so happy ^^


Hello all I picked up a Vic 20 with 16k ram boxed and Three cartridge games and Two taped. Any fair trades. Looking for sega :-)


anybody wanna be my friend?? :(


Eurgh, I need to update my tracker but there is so many I haven't done, I don't know where to start!


Well after several years, i'm at the halfway point of the collection of PAL Snes games..Feels like i got more tbh :)


Go to the Game Database section, Mega-cd, scroll down to snatcher and click on the video link. Watch the first minute of it. LOL Kojima you genius!

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