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I have been collecting on and off for years. Some of my favourite items are my brand new unplayed 1991 Sega Megadrive and my new and unused special edition Famicom Gameboy Micro Advance.
The Raffle King

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The Raffle King

Krikzz have just shipped my GBA Everdrive.

Can't wait to get it.
- 3 years ago
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  • 24 March 2012
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  • 2 weeks ago
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  • Krikzz have just shipped my GBA Everdrive.

    Can't wait to get it.
    profile 1049 days ago
  • To my knowledge the mainboard is different, so unless you do a full reshelll this is actually impossible.
    profile 1461 days ago
  • Hi,
    Does anyone know of anyone who will fit a backlit screen (AGS-101) to my old GameBoy Advance SP (AGS-001)
    Cheers, John
    profile 1461 days ago
  • In the Uk they had the Sega sticker on the side, correct. France had the blister packs and the German ones were always sealed in plastic.
    profile 1481 days ago
  • I may be wrong here but I don't remember Megadrive games ever being sealed.
    I'm sure they just had the little oval Sega sticker on the side.
    profile 1481 days ago
  • The GBA itself is great however the screen has terrible ghosting problems ruining my enjoyment a bit, shame really as the paint job is so wonderful. I can probably learn to live with the ghosting but i have been spoiled by playing on my GBA micro.
    profile 1850 days ago
  • What do you think to your new GBA. It looks great!

    Very pleased with mine. I've never played so many GBA games for years.
    profile 1852 days ago
  • friends JasonKasparis and The Raffle King are now friends
  • I'm broke too mate so I wouldn't worry! I'm only missing the more expensive games.. Typical! Still... No rush!
    profile 1856 days ago
  • Hi Ewjim,
    Hope this isn't going to be a race as I am skint.
    Someone is selling a mint copy of Cotton on eBay but it's more than I can afford at £135.
    I suppose if I had the money I could have been 2 in front :)
    profile 1856 days ago
  • You have 1 more Neo Pocket game than me! The game is afoot sir!
    profile 1856 days ago
  • friends Mischief and The Raffle King are now friends
  • I just got Puyo Pop for Neo Geo Pocket Color from a seller in the Netherlands!
    It's probably not one of the hardest titles to find but has somehow eluded me up until now.
    Anyway, that's number 26. Still 13 to go though :(
    profile 1856 days ago
  • Hi,
    I got a modded GBA from Rose Coloured Gaming about a month ago.
    You will be really pleased when you get it.
    I went for the Lake Hylia version which looks great. The screen also is brilliant.
    I'm playing FF Tactics Advance at the moment and enjoying every minute!
    profile 1857 days ago
  • Managed to add 2 more to my Neo Geo Pocket Color collection over the weekend from a great seller in the US.
    I got UK/Euro versions of NEO 21 and SHANGHAI MINI. Both mint.

    Very pleased. Now up to 25 with 14 to go!
    profile 1857 days ago
  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 1859 days ago

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