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It all started with a bit of nostalgia...

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Nintendo 64
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Nintendo 64
Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
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Selling off my N64 collection guys if anyone was after bits n pieces, check it out on the forum
- 5 years ago
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  • 27 November 2012
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  • 3 years ago
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  • Selling off my N64 collection guys if anyone was after bits n pieces, check it out on the forum
    profile 1922 days ago
  • If anyone is in the Street area in Somerset, check out InsaNe just off the high street, very reasonable priced up games, awesome shop and picked up Mario Tennis for the N64 :D
    profile 2028 days ago
  • Yeh I see alot of mario games, would love to play zelda, but after that, it doesn't seem like your left with alot. I picked up pokemon gold for the gameboy a few weeks ago, got quite into it again, so I'm also looking at pokemon x - y in oct..hmm
    profile 2105 days ago
  • Its a nice console, don't get me wrong with a recent explosion of Mario games too if you like that sort of thing. Also a slew of solid RPG games. My issue is the online store is horrifically overpriced. Nintendo don't give a toss about their customers so for me personally, im not a massive fan.
    profile 2105 days ago
  • I'm tempted to buy a nintendo 3ds xl, but the games library doesn't look too vast.

    Can anyone help me make up my mind?!
    profile 2105 days ago
  • I've put my saturn up for sale on the forum guys, if anyone was looking a for a boxed one.
    profile 2120 days ago
  • Clockwork Knight 1&2 if you like platformers.
    Daytona, Manx TT if you like racers.
    Virtua fighters if you like Tekken.
    Alien trilogy if you like in superior doom games.
    profile 2190 days ago
  • Burning rangers and die hard arcade spring to mind
    profile 2190 days ago
  • friends handfulofbits and Sylv are now friends
  • Or making you turn it off before any kind of save point!
    profile 2225 days ago
  • Had no interest in a Nintendo 3DS XL, until they released Pikachu: Limited edition...queue shutupandtakemymoney.gif
    profile 2287 days ago
  • Think the Gamecube is going, will replace with a Wii..
    profile 2291 days ago
  • The Dreamcast is well worth keeping, and so is the PS2 (Not sure about the GameCube as i've never owned one)... Take some pictures of the all 3 and maybe pickup some new games for the systems?
    profile 2291 days ago
  • Tempted to sell my Dreamcast, Gamecube and PS2. Sitting collecting dust..need reasons to keep them!
    profile 2291 days ago

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