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Hey all, I am (reluctantly) selling off the majority of my games and console collection, including
a Fairchild Channel F with games,
an Atari 2600 woody with games,
an almost BNIB Atari 7800 with 9 games (6 still sealed),
a MegaDrive 2 and games,
Mega CD and games,
a Sega Saturn and games,
a Master System 1 & 2 with games,
a Panasonic 3DO,
plus a whole host of NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube games.

Lord Innit

Since finishing the UK set of Vectrex games, I've been debating what to do next. Atari 2600 games are an on going thing but I think I may start on the Master System again. I have 40ish games and they're not too pricey for the most part. Make it so!


It's funny how the work 'rare' is used to describe something that has some value, yet it's common as!

Adam Hoare

Not sure whats gone on here as havnt been on in so long what with getting out of collecting but it wud be very sad to see the site go to nothing as its the 1st time wen collecting the full megadrive set I realised how many theyre were to get and since discovering it the data bases came in very handy also met a lot of decent folk along the way who helped me on my journey. LONG LIVE RETROCOLLECT


all updated today, some nice titles added


N64 worldwide set achieved - 21 years in the making


looking for help finishing my xbox pal collection only 5 left if any1 can help!

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