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Yo I haven't been on here in ages. How's everyone been? I'm going to have a massive clearout and basically start my game collection (old and new) from scratch, just because having a massive backlog like this is making it really hard to enjoy any games. Looking into PAL SNES collecting, along with WonderSwan and Neo Geo Pocket stuff!
- 2 years ago
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  • 10 April 2012
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  • Welcome back!
    profile 853 days ago
  • friends The Saint and Sato are now friends
  • friends rile91 and Sato are now friends
  • Do you have any other disks? If so, try them out.
    profile 1062 days ago
  • What's the problem with the Amiga?
    profile 1062 days ago
  • then i guess it does not matter to much :) if your not going for a full set :) i will pick up some NTSC games that complete a series with my full pal set, but that's for later :)
    profile 1283 days ago
  • if your going for a full set, then stick to one type ie ALL Pal or All NTSC-U or NTSC-J Don't mix n match as it will look horrid :)
    profile 1283 days ago
  • Stuff that reminds you of summer, summer gaming memories etc
    profile 1421 days ago
  • As in, things coming out this summer or things we're playing this summer? Or just things that feel summery?
    profile 1421 days ago
  • Anyone want to give Nintendo Network IDs and we can play SSB once its arrived? Mine is SatoXa.
    profile 1423 days ago
  • Just got Smash Bros. on Wii U for £26 which is pretty decent!
    profile 1424 days ago
  • Nice. Also looking to play Xenogears. Saw a review on it last night that convinced me to play it before the other Xeno games. Looks bloody excellent for a PS1 game.
    profile 1425 days ago
  • I'm exactly the same, except I'm going to play secret of mana! I'm not lucky enough to have the physical game, so I've got it on my psp ready for when I finish
    profile 1425 days ago
  • I'm basically buying Earthbound the second my exams are over. It's about time I play through it properly. Got fairly far into Mother but I kept losing my focus. Might have to wait for the remake project to finish before getting all the way through that.
    profile 1425 days ago
  • Already am! Spent the £1.80 to upgrade my Wii VC copy of Paper Mario, and should be getting MK8, Smash Bros and a GameCube controller adapter in the coming weeks.
    profile 1426 days ago
  • enjoy the wii u I love mine!
    profile 1426 days ago
  • I'm seriously surprised the first Kingdom Hearts ever got a sequel. To be quite honest it's a very badly designed game, and the only positive I can think of is the combat which isn't even that fun on proud mode. The increase in difficulty doesn't require any extra strategy, just causes more frustration.
    profile 1427 days ago

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