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Read that some people are having issues with uploading photos. I too am having these issues, I thought it might just be me. Is anyone looking into it?


finally got my copies of Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean and have to say I am impressed at how good they are for repros.


Hi Guys
Just wanted to let the GameCube collectors out there know that someone (not me) is selling sealed copies of Cocoto Funfair on eBay. I've just ordered mine so can't guarantee it really is factory sealed, but thought I'd point it out here as it can be a tough game to find in the UK


Strange that I've decided to downsize my collection again, but it's for future life plans I'm prepping for, so can't complain! Means I get to expplore collecting again in the future :)

lost ruin

good evening everybody! How is everyone? Who is looking forward to Play Blackpool in a couple of weeks?


Noticing some console price trends slowing up a bit. Soon. Soooooon. Fingers crossed anyone that considers the hobby an "investment" loses a lot of money. You're in it for the wrong reason :)


It doesn't make any sense that I can't comment other people's posts without adding them as friends. Solution: add everyone as friend.


Anyone heading to Play Expo Glasgow? If so come say hello :)


Another 3 games added to the gameboy collection this week and 2 more in the post, nearly halfway to a full set now :D!


I haven't got hold of a copy yet (SOON!), but myself and my Tomb Raider collection are in this months Retro Gamer! (All thanks to The Saint!) Keep an eye out for me :D x


Im selling most of my collection.. Got about 261 mega drive games.. some rares and sought after. Check my list!


is retrogamingcables.co.uk a safe place to buy RGB cables thanks :)

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