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Part-time Dad, Handyman, 1337-Geek, Hillbilly, Body-Modder, Aspiring console modder, Gamer and of course a collector. Collected all my life and have now gotten serious about Retro game collecting.

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I love you, you love me, We are retro familiy!....Y`ALL!
- 6 years ago
  • Member since
  • 18 April 2013
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  • 5 years ago
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  • I love you, you love me, We are retro familiy!....Y`ALL!
    profile 2066 days ago
  • Poop!
    profile 2066 days ago
  • Not seen you for a while my shotgun toting friend!
    profile 2168 days ago
  • My entry for *Takes a big breath* WGGIWW is done :)
    profile 2197 days ago
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  • Order no

    1. GBC WITH battery cover
    2. Love, Peace & Happiness CD (Yoshi 64 cd extra)
    3. D&D Scourge of Worlds Interactiv DVD
    4. Halo Reach LT Complete
    5. Halo 4 LT Complete
    6. DnD Eye of the Beholder GBA CB
    7. Everquest RPG(3mainbooks, pcgame gone Pen`n`Paper)
    8. Complete set of Halo Clix
    9. Soulblade CIB Ps1
    10.Mischief Makers N64
    profile 2198 days ago
  • Woke up, No internett, Went to work, Got home, No internett, Raged, Food, No internett, Raged more, Then internett :D
    profile 2199 days ago
  • Awesome m8 :) Add me on Xbob live if your on and we can talk there instead :D Super thankfull dude :D
    profile 2200 days ago
  • I remember you were looking for a hook up, as i got a week off Im gonna sort thru some of me doubles; if theres any Im up for ridding of can always look into sending some your way. Unlikely anything spectacular, but at least some MD is better than nome!
    profile 2200 days ago
  • Got hooked in to some game of thrones guys. Il be on xl in about an houre or so?
    profile 2201 days ago
  • Always up for L4D2 sir :)
    profile 2201 days ago
  • Anyone up for some Xbox live L4D2 or something?
    profile 2201 days ago
  • You seem like the right to ask the question i put up directly. :P So any thoughts on what i was wondering about the PCE vs TurboGrapFX 16?
    profile 2202 days ago
  • I just got informed that i should go ahead and get myself the PCE instead of getting a TurboGraFX 16 PAL as the PCE has all the same and more games. I however am wondering about the lettering in the Jap games, will it not be in Kanji or some form of japanese in the games or will it be english?
    profile 2202 days ago
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    photos 2203 days ago
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  • So if i understand you people in the UK have regular markets on sundays called car boots or something. SO if anyone spot any sega games for dirt cheap you allready have, think about us that do not have thos kinds of markets :P
    profile 2207 days ago

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