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Krikzz have just shipped my GBA Everdrive.

Can't wait to get it.


Big thank you To EWJIM who has put in a lot of effort in arranging for some of us to be able to get our hands on the Nes guide by Contri. much appreciated.


oooh - I thought the photo thing was just me...


Obscure game hunting this weekend, using my contacts to extend my search on certain rarer DS titles. Bidding on a copy of shuwa no mori on DS just have to wait for the auction to count down.

Just glad that i got most high target DS games back when they first came out, would cost a fortune nowdays with the price hikes of ebay ect.


Ok so I've been using the OSSC (open source scan converter) for about 5 months now. I can strongly recommend using one of these if you are using old systems on a new HD/4K TV. The only flaws with the OSSC are no support for S-Video and Composite video signals and some systems like the Neo Geo CD require special settings to run. I would sill recommend one.


Anyone know if the instructions that came with the aqua ps2 model scph-50003aq had that code on the front of them or did it just say scph50003? If someone has this from new it’d be appreciated if you could come for me.


Do people sell and trade games on here? I have a few PS2 games. Also Pokemon Colosseum for Gamecube and Pokemon Battle Revolution for wii. :)

T Moleman

uploaded a new avatar


Playing Shovel Knight: King of Cards on 3DS. What a great game.


Just picked up ten rare master system games


On the road to 300 Xbox games and the 50% completion - anyone able to help me out? :)


On Sunday I'll be selling a lot of games at the London Gaming Market. Looking forward to seeing any RetroCollect users there. :D


Looking to get in to Castlevania, can't believe I haven't played any, but spoilt for choice, any recommendations guys and gals?

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