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Haha all my PS3 stuff is at the back in Easistore
- 4 years ago
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  • 30 May 2015
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  • 3 years ago
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  • Thank's for the offer, all though i have been getting a few sealed games recently i am not actively seeking them as such i just get sealed if it's only a few £ difference between them unless it's a very rare title then i might splash out a bit more :)
    profile 1411 days ago
  • Hey mate you should pop into sealed game heaven when you get a minute lots of like minded people there!
    profile 1411 days ago
  • Haha all my PS3 stuff is at the back in Easistore
    profile 1420 days ago
  • @beyre83 if you do come across one I am sure I can find pretty much any games your looking for I have a warehouse of thousands of rare titles in very good condition!
    profile 1438 days ago
  • @beyre83 thanks but I'm looking for the double case original release sealed, I'm starting to think it doesn't exist though! Like this but sealed. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOMB-RAIDER-PLAYSTATION-PS1-COMPLETE-BIG-BOX-PAL-GAME-MANUAL-INCLUDED-/321815928952?hash=item4aedb96078
    profile 1438 days ago
  • as i can;t post in the trade section because i don't comment on the forum do all my chatting on the wall do you mean this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOMB-RAIDER-SONY-PLAYSTATION-1-BRAND-NEW-FACTORY-SEALED-RARE-PS1-PS2-/281763891489
    profile 1438 days ago
  • the wanted thread is more active. you could try for tomb raider big box sealed there. I have looked around, but can't find it.
    I think there is just a lot of overlap between the wanted thread and the trade thread so people tend to go with the wanted thread.
    profile 1438 days ago
  • Whilst it might be to stop bot's and spammer's i suspect it's also todo with so people get to know who you are rather than a fly by night trying to sell / exchange stuff and then not completing the deal i am not saying you are doing that but i suspect that's why it's there
    profile 1438 days ago
  • Got told off for trying to manipulate the 25 post minimum trade rule, is it not there to stop bots and spammers? Finally got into the trade area and found it full of cobwebs!!!!!!
    profile 1438 days ago
  • Looking forward to drakes collection on PS4 in October can't wait!!!
    profile 1503 days ago
  • Bienvenido!
    profile 1505 days ago
  • On another pc got the same problem, thanks for the input Punisher muchas gracias
    profile 1505 days ago
  • Im not sure then mate. I know when I changed to a different browser it could view the photos. try a different computer.
    profile 1505 days ago
  • Hmm I'm on firefox now and I have the same problem grey area with thumbnails and a left and right arrow either side plus thumbnails at the bottom
    profile 1505 days ago
  • I had problems using internet explorer. I use Google Chrome now on my work computer, or Firefox on my personal computer, they both seem to work fine.

    Has anybody else had issues using Retrocollect with internet explorer?
    profile 1505 days ago
  • Hi I'm using internet explorer on windows 8.1
    profile 1505 days ago
  • what internet browser are you using??
    profile 1505 days ago

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