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I was the first kid with the SNES in town, later i was the first kid in town with a DREAMCAST.
Sell, buy, sell, buy, i mis my oldskool console. PS4 its beautifull, but it will never make me emotional.

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Nintendo 64

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no joke i have some
- 2 years ago
  • Member since
  • 06 January 2015
  • Last online
  • 5 months ago
  • Profile views
    • I'm curious, how much was this game?
    photos 867 days ago
  • Almost 20% of the PS2 games and yet 80% to go.
    profile 871 days ago
    • Verry cool stuff dude, awesome!!
    photos 873 days ago
  • Comment on the photo 3DO - Studio 3DO releases
    • Sick those 3DO games, Killing Time looks really evil............whuhahahahaaah :p
    photos 875 days ago
  • no joke i have some
    profile 878 days ago
  • But you like ATARI ST, maybe i can hook you up for some RARE titels :)
    profile 878 days ago
  • Ooh so it wasn't for my dreamcast racks, o i am so sorry not :p
    profile 878 days ago
  • I wasn't looking at Dreamcast racks, I was looking at an Atari ST auction :) My original comment was about using the word 'rare' in general when it comes to auctions etc. Thanks anyway :)
    profile 878 days ago
  • maybe if you have one, and you drop 1 on ebay you can find one :)
    profile 878 days ago
  • yeah i think you saw a blue one, thats PAL in my opinion, there are non at this moment US black ones
    profile 878 days ago
  • That's funny, I was referring to something I saw on eBay.
    profile 878 days ago
  • Mr. Frog face you are so right. On ebay you can find dozens of these black Sega Dreamcast racks, just search for yourself its so common when i have a look in every retro shop in Holland i almost fall on these racks everybody have them pfff....not. So its verry common i must admit :)
    profile 878 days ago
  • friends The Saint and LeeRay are now friends
  • Might be interested in the PAL racks and some things chap. I have an Xbox plus 50 games available for trade. If you have the console already, I have the 50 games then! I value them at about £3-£4 each. So, depending on what PAL Dreamcast you have, might be interested.
    profile 879 days ago
  • Always looking for a nice trade, I have a lot of Dreamcast games to trade...and what about your trading games? Let me know.
    profile 879 days ago
  • I forgot to say, this racks are for US & JP Dreamcast games, for the PAL there are other ones, i have 2 of them too :)
    profile 879 days ago
  • For the real Dreamcast fan, i have 7 official SEGA (US) DREAMCAST PROMO RACKS, you can show-off 15 games a rack. If you want this RARE rack, let me know because i like to trade for games or but if you want to buy we can arrange this too. Let me know.
    profile 879 days ago
  • LeeRay added 4 new photos in RARE SEGA DREAMCAST SALES RACKS album
    • space 14cds
    • sidewalk
    • dreamcast logo
    • showoff front
    photos 879 days ago
  • LeeRay added a new photo in Sega Dreamcast Retail Racks album
    • space 14cds
    photos 879 days ago

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