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Completed my PAL Dreamcast collection today. Pleased as punch.


ok so i used to use this site a fare bit then kinda wondered away. well now i am trying to wonder back. if i have ignored any msg sorry same with any friends request. will try and be better in the future. so to mark my return to retrocollect going have a little binge of some photos of the last year or so. yes it has been that long


Strange that I've decided to downsize my collection again, but it's for future life plans I'm prepping for, so can't complain! Means I get to expplore collecting again in the future :)

Parta Paroni

Lifeless Planet and What Remains of Edith Finch, such a wonderful games. Best gaming experinces for me since Witcher 3.


Bought the Ultimate Guide to the NES library by Pat Contri


Game update for my snes collection i got super soccer and kick off


So I am in love with Little Nightmares.
Just completed the DLC and boy, I want more!


Anyone else spend more time deciding what game to play than actually playing a game :(


Hope to see / catch up with some of you at PLAY Expo over the weekend.


I think a Charity shop run is needed getting retro withdrawals i have not bought any retro games for a few weeks now :)


just won a Saturn on ebay for £20


Just picked up ten rare master system games


Merry Christmas. Hyvää Joulua. God Jul. Feliz Navidad. Fröhliche Weihnachten.


Picked up an Atari 600 xl for $10 w/ connections, sweeeet :D

Adam Hoare

Not sure whats gone on here as havnt been on in so long what with getting out of collecting but it wud be very sad to see the site go to nothing as its the 1st time wen collecting the full megadrive set I realised how many theyre were to get and since discovering it the data bases came in very handy also met a lot of decent folk along the way who helped me on my journey. LONG LIVE RETROCOLLECT


I *think* I'm only 4 games off completing my PAL Final Fantasy collection whoop!


Eurgh, I need to update my tracker but there is so many I haven't done, I don't know where to start!

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