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Fix the photo uploader coz i need to upload my lil' collection :)
- 3 days ago
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  • 11 October 2018
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  • 2 hours 18 minutes ago
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  • Thx T. I've been here a while and it's long overdue i showed my meagre collection. Some of the guys and gals here have amazing stuff. It's still early days for me. I don't mind, tho. The bargains come cheap atm. My beloved Saturn is a stinger when trying to fatten up my collection.
    profile 2 days ago
  • The relevant people have been informed. May take a while to debug it but it should be simple enough
    profile 2 days ago
  • Fix the photo uploader coz i need to upload my lil' collection :)
    profile 3 days ago
  • Looks to be the best option, plus reports on the controllers are way better than most other systems. It seems to be the most complete package. I'm trying to put 5er here and 10er there away for it but keep buying games. D'oh!
    profile 17 days ago
  • Good choice. I have one and and i'm very satisfied with it. Now i'm looking to get the SMS converter.
    profile 17 days ago
  • Trying to save for Retrofreak console.
    Amazon, Cex and Ebay are conspiring against me. ;)
    profile 17 days ago
  • Sometimes I look at my collection and get warm feels.
    Just did it...MMmmmm. :D
    profile 21 days ago
  • Any boot sale tales yet, guys?
    I'm gonna be hunting 16 bit carts.
    Made my mind up to score a Retrofreak so will be hunting for MD/Gen,Snes,Nes,PCE etc carts. Also looking forward to playing pokemon Emerald on big screen.
    Good Hunting!
    profile 35 days ago
  • Comment on the photo 6
    • Wow, those are some nice pins/badges. We really need a gollum emoji for when we covet other people's cool stuff :)
    photos 46 days ago
  • Glad u mentioned coz i might buy a retro machine as they have built in upscalers. The Analogue stuff and Retro Freak look good. Heard retron pads were "pppbbbt!" *thumbs down* Thinking of a retro freak unit or Analogues Mega Sg and Super Nt. Dunno if i'm better off with old hardware and a bitchin upscaler. Funny how 20+ year old kit is bulletproof :3
    profile 54 days ago
  • Thanks Toots.
    Hope the booters are still good to you.
    profile 54 days ago
  • friends tootyuk and Jack_Neuro are now friends
  • Hey toots I'm a fan from YT.
    please add me as a fren'
    profile 54 days ago
  • DBZ Budokan 2 and Crazy Taxi add their weight to my slim, but burgeoning, PS2 Collection.
    profile 57 days ago
  • False alarm, i ordered an XL and didn't realise.
    Thought i'd got a Brucie there.
    Still it's in great condition.
    profile 58 days ago
  • DSi arrived. Cex bumped me up to an XL :D
    Time for some Pokedex filling.
    profile 58 days ago

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