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Well...DSi ORDER!
Needed a pokefix.
Pokemon Diamond GO!
- 13 hours 48 minutes ago
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  • 11 October 2018
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  • DSi GET!
    Well...DSi ORDER!
    Needed a pokefix.
    Pokemon Diamond GO!
    profile 13 hours ago
  • Best of luck with 3DO collecting. I plan on returning to the 3DO fold soon. As soon as seeing a bargain and having the money for it coincide :)
    profile 4 days ago
  • Yes! I have found that too, sometimes playing a game from ground level, particularly sports helps understand the more intricate nature of play!
    profile 7 days ago
  • friends Jack_Neuro and Dreamcastnews are now friends
  • I found a love for ice hockey coz of video games and I also appreciate how plays work in US football coz of a silly monster football game. Both are things I learned coz I was playing a game and twigged :)
    Sometimes filler can be killer :D
    profile 7 days ago
  • I totally agree - I usually have a gem or two to start with and end up buying common games to plump up the collection, they look lost on the shelves otherwise! Tiger Woods 03 or 04 I'd give you, who doesn't like American Punk pop playing whilst tw*ting the ball down the fairway :D
    profile 7 days ago
  • I've had a beer or ten.
    Wish i hadn't given away my Taito Legends to a friend i rly care about. Stupid generosity. Rips you off every time :D
    profile 7 days ago
  • Full Set Get!
    Congratulations, Gunstarhero.
    profile 9 days ago
  • Spent the avo playing Phoenix and Space Invaders. Getting in touch with my roots! Phoenix in particular still plays well.
    profile 10 days ago
  • I favour gems but i've got some bumph in the collection just fattening it up :) You never know, i might get a sudden hankering to play Tiger Woods '08. ;)
    profile 10 days ago
  • Just ditched some duplicates at Cex.
    Got VF4 and a Brothers in Arms game for PS2.
    Got CodMW4 for PS3 and other sub pound 'meh'-nesses.
    Welcome to the cheap seats :)
    profile 14 days ago
  • Cheap Virtual On(Sat) on Ebay and I'm broke :(
    profile 23 days ago
  • Just one clickup this week. Harvest Moon: ToT for the Wii.
    profile 35 days ago
  • Clickups GET!
    I am 6 games better off.
    Looking forward to seeing what Animal Crossing is like.
    profile 43 days ago
  • Got some incoming online clickups.
    Had a sudden urge to play The Urbz on OGX.
    Also felt the urge to buff my Wii collection.
    Itches scratched by the joys of online shopping :)
    profile 49 days ago

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