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I really wanna get into collecting retro games because I love games and since i'm only 16 I have missed out on a lot.

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just got ecco for pounds lose ...would have liked a box for md games but im in it to play
- 3 years ago
  • Member since
  • 01 March 2016
  • Last online
  • 3 years ago
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  • Comment on the photo image.
    • Looks like one of those custom cakes you can get, Guess im just hungry...
    photos 1151 days ago
  • wow I really like www.thecoverproject.com helped e out with a few loose ps1/2 games :D
    profile 1170 days ago
  • Plus just play mario 3 for the first time ever ...it looks great in 16 bit I have only ever seen it on youtube on the nes
    profile 1172 days ago
  • I dont have any of the nes games so I looked at it like one game for 4 one of that I would need a famicom or everdrive for...
    profile 1172 days ago
  • Seems fair. Any valuation is always based on CIB examples really. I'd expect like for like for similar franchise games on the same console. I'm not a cart only buyer but one Mario game for another seems fair.
    profile 1172 days ago
  • ps2 games cib with manual ,both my traded game and my new mario was cart only
    profile 1172 days ago
  • Are all these games CIB (complete) or cart only?
    profile 1172 days ago
  • just traded my super mario kart snes for mario all stars and tony hawk on ps2 was this good i did pay 11 pounds for mario kart and i know it goes for around 25 mind you
    profile 1172 days ago
  • ok dont tighten it do the opposite!!!
    profile 1175 days ago
  • profile 1175 days ago
  • ok
    thats a real easy fix though just tighten up the bottom screws
    profile 1175 days ago
  • I'll have to check. I'll be reorganising the games room.soom so will do it then.
    profile 1175 days ago
  • is the 10 nes chip cut? oh and i think all you need to do with that is screw the screws in more tight
    profile 1175 days ago
  • I'm looking for a,replacement NES myself. The csrt drawer stops the games working, as it doesn't work properly now. Have to jam something in to keep it weighted down
    profile 1175 days ago
  • well thanks , GOD ROB SUCKS
    profile 1175 days ago
  • ok to be honest I don't care for most boxes ...
    profile 1175 days ago
  • If you want the one with the gun or R O B then you are looking at £150 Minimum
    profile 1175 days ago
  • For fully CIB, it's closer to £100.
    profile 1175 days ago
  • Inc postage with all cables £30 or under
    profile 1175 days ago

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