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Selling over 500 ps2 and 400 ps1 games, must be sold ASAP, message me for lists
- 6 years ago
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  • 21 March 2013
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  • 5 years ago
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  • Selling over 500 ps2 and 400 ps1 games, must be sold ASAP, message me for lists
    profile 2158 days ago
  • Handfulofbits - I am in no rush to sell mate so whenever you are ready, slowly going to try and get my games listed on here so you can see what you want if anything
    profile 2218 days ago
  • Does anyone want to buy any ps1 games or ps2 games, I have roughly 440 ps1 games and 550 ps2 games, message me for more details
    profile 2218 days ago
  • Hi mate, I have contacted ebayers after the listing has finished, if the item did not sell you can usually haggle a better starting price with them as most of the time they just want rid of an item, I have done this twice in the last month purely because I forgot to bid, but yeah it does work
    profile 2229 days ago
  • Photos of my full DC set will be up soon guys I promise, just got to wait for 1 more item to arrive, also gonna buy the dreamcast twin stick which I believe is hard to find
    profile 2235 days ago
  • Congrats on the full set that big blue line of games will look sexy.
    profile 2235 days ago
  • Well that's that, full pal dreamcast collection complete! Now to display it properly in all it's glory
    profile 2235 days ago
  • friends Iansimpson1979 and Collz69 are now friends
  • Somebody please sell me Moho for Dreamcast that is not priced at stupid prices like ebay, I don't know why they bother, they won't come down in price by even £5 even though they know they won't sell it! Makes me mad. Rant over :-)
    profile 2245 days ago
  • What's a good price to pay for a sealed copy of Rez or what do you think it's worth for Dreamcast?
    profile 2246 days ago
  • Thanks dude, I have seen on ebay but don't really want to pay silly postage charges, would ather find them in bulk and pick them up. Thanks for the message though
    profile 2246 days ago
  • Theres 2 sets you want to collect dude, official Dreamcast and DC-UK both had demo discs/videos etc. All the other dreamcast mags were rubbish. I wont sell mine but they are always on ebay and i do mean always.
    profile 2246 days ago
  • Also does anyone have a complete set of dreamcast magazines they want to sell with the demo discs
    profile 2246 days ago
  • Does anyone have the boxed pal sega bass fishing set they are willing to sell or knows anywhere online you can get it from for a reasonable price? Finding it tricky to get hold of
    profile 2246 days ago
  • I would be interested in the saturn games mate
    profile 2246 days ago
  • Another bundle of games arrived today, now just need 9 DC games for my full pal collection
    profile 2247 days ago
  • So then guys only 24 games to go for my full DC pal collection, it's getting expensive now, especially the Samba de Amigo big box, do you think a full pal set is a good investment? What do you reckon it will be worth?
    profile 2247 days ago
  • friends handfulofbits and Iansimpson1979 are now friends

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