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Just seen a boy racer Suzuki Ignis in bright yellow. Fat exhaust and spoilers, the lot. Got to get me some gran turismo tonight.
- 4 months ago
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  • 18 August 2015
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  • Just seen a boy racer Suzuki Ignis in bright yellow. Fat exhaust and spoilers, the lot. Got to get me some gran turismo tonight.
    profile 119 days ago
  • Nice
    to see this back.
    profile 132 days ago
  • But where am I going to find more about escorts in Manchester or rip off Nike trainers ???
    profile 181 days ago
  • Not for the PS2 but Gamecube. Found a memory card in the case for Mario Kart Double Dash when I bought the game in Gamestation a few years back. Only cost me £3.
    profile 213 days ago
  • Wow not bad, I have never found one myself. I dont think that I have ever even used one to store a card
    profile 214 days ago
  • Once in a charity shop this year, and one last week from a game I ordered... lucky dips :)
    profile 214 days ago
  • Just out of interest, has anyone ever found a memory card in a secondhand PS2 game case?
    profile 214 days ago
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  • I'm still trying to figure out what half of these games even are!

    I'm excited and frightened!
    profile 600 days ago
  • Games for the whole family
    profile 600 days ago
  • For a 10 year old I would get a ps2. No issues with online ability and the price is a lot lower. And those things can take a beating and still work :) If he is a bit like any other 10 year old around here then a violent outburst when he is stuck isn't out of the question. If he likes it you can upgrade him to a ps3 later.
    profile 601 days ago
  • I think, go through the whole family - itll give him an appreciation of the current platform if he sees where it started. Some outstanding games on the PS1, PS2 and PS3 - but the real variety for me came on the PS1. PS2 has too much shovelware and the PS3 has some exclusives, but go back to the start! It is a fun journey
    profile 601 days ago
  • For someone that isn't collecting, it may be best to go for a PS3 and buy the game on the store.

    A PS2 wouldn't be an awful idea, though I doubt the average 10yr old will appreciate it these days.

    It solely depends on how you think your cousin will feel to the rest of the console's library.

    Though you can't use PS2 discs on the PS3, there are HD releases and PS2 games in the store.
    profile 601 days ago
  • Showed my 10 year old Cousin Crash 3 the other day. Now his mum has asked me to get the game and a machine to Play it on. My question is what Playstation should I get for him as his first step in to gaming? I thought skip PS1 and go straight to a PS2 or PS3. Does anyone have any ideas?
    profile 601 days ago
  • Ah sunny Great Yarmouth. I haven't been there for years.
    profile 622 days ago
  • Yes I've also been enjoying the mud slinging here tonight.
    profile 629 days ago

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