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Got 2 PS2 TV's that are taking up room and need to get shifted, Going to post on the board in a little while if anyone is intrested
- 2 months ago
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  • 20 July 2014
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  • Got 2 PS2 TV's that are taking up room and need to get shifted, Going to post on the board in a little while if anyone is intrested
    profile 50 days ago
  • Anyone played Mad Max on the PS4? It’s amazing, if you have been on the fence about it... grab it
    profile 484 days ago
  • Let us know what the Switch / Skyrim is like and how it plays..... Im so close to biting the bullet on a Switch too its unreal.......
    profile 553 days ago
  • Just preordered Skyrim VR, cant beleive its out Friday!! It will prob dissapoint me, But I dont care, I think Im just going to sit in a pub on the game by a fire, or just watch the fishes..... I wont be playing the story lol
    profile 556 days ago
  • On the hunt on eBay for a decent priced XBONE, maybe im being an idiot and under valuing it but dont want to spend too much on it
    profile 692 days ago
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  • Of course it doesn't have to be that, that's just an idea I saw somewhere else,
    profile 727 days ago
  • I agree and I'm in on anything that gets given a go! I love the 52 game challenge this place does but don't have the time for it, let's all play could be fun to try new games, get convos going and even turn into a podcast too maybe? I think it has legs for sure!
    profile 727 days ago
  • Anything that gets us as a community doing more together. There seems to have been a lull recently and would be good for us to do more. Game challenges, lets all play, reviews... anything!
    profile 727 days ago
  • Hi ewjim, What sort of Community ideas are you after? I saw on one message board (Cant remember what one, might even be this one?) a "LETS ALL PLAY" Thread where every month its a different game (Retro or otherwise, its down to vote) and the post is updated the whole month by everyone with thoughs on the game, feedback, pictures, videos etc, a month long big discussion to the game!
    profile 727 days ago
  • Havent been here for a long while! Hows it going guys?
    profile 756 days ago
  • Very easy, just download some files to SD card and scan a QR-code with Cubic Ninja. All it does is allow for homebrew games, emulators and allows games from any region to be played. For playing 3DS game roms you need a flashcart, but if you want to play other region roms with those then you need to hack the 3DS anyway.
    profile 1204 days ago
  • I have no idea about the 3DS hacking, how easy is it to do? whats the plus side? Games off SD Card etc? I have been looing at the Sky3DS card and seems nothing needs doing to the 3DS and im tempted
    profile 1204 days ago
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