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4 blog posts in less than 2 days. I'm getting addicted! Thank you to everyone on here that has helped me out!

- 4 years ago
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  • 10 March 2015
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  • It was not ebay but a webshop on the internet!!! but it would cost to much to send back to them to bother with it, so i put the item on ebay :p
    profile 1349 days ago
  • Unfortunately, the EAN is input by eBay so the seller does not have to refund. :( Stupid evilbay
    profile 1349 days ago
  • If he has messaged you on eBay and then he ends it early.. you can go to eBay with his message as that is against their rules. He will be banned from selling for a while.
    profile 1351 days ago
  • Your best bet for manuals, is putting a wanted post on here, scrolling through eBay or joining a few facebook groups and asking on there. Somepeople have manuals because they have harvested the boxes for better games.
    profile 1351 days ago
  • 4 blog posts in less than 2 days. I'm getting addicted! Thank you to everyone on here that has helped me out!

    profile 1355 days ago
  • Would be alright if I could read what they were trying to spam us with!
    profile 1357 days ago
  • Lots of spam in the forum this morning!
    profile 1357 days ago
  • friends ewjim and Hatton90 are now friends
  • For those that also collect Funko Pops (I know you are out there!) I got a new pop last night!
    profile 1358 days ago
  • It a fair review. I enjoyed the read!
    profile 1362 days ago
  • First gaming review is up...it's a retro one to start off with! First one, so go gentle with me! https://adventuresofaretrogamer.wordpress.com/2015/10/02/retro-game-review-world-of-illusion/
    profile 1362 days ago
  • Next blog post up. This time not gaming related but still give it a read! https://adventuresofaretrogamer.wordpress.com/ Two gaming posts to come up over the weekend to keep you lot happy.
    profile 1371 days ago
  • friends Hero30 and Hatton90 are now friends
  • Thank you! I will do that from now on!
    profile 1371 days ago
  • Good first post. One point is to write numbers out if under 6, as this looks better for presentation. Otherwise, an entertaining read.
    profile 1371 days ago
  • Wow! Thank you for reading. There will definitely be more!
    P.s. I can see your comment on your Zelda photo on my community feed.
    profile 1372 days ago
  • My first blog post is up! I would be grateful if anyone could have a read? Any feedback or comments would be appreciated as I am new to this and have no clue what I am doing! Thanks! https://adventuresofaretrogamer.wordpress.com/
    profile 1372 days ago
  • How do i check that?
    There should only be one account linked to my page so i guessed that it would automatically have administration rights?
    profile 1372 days ago
  • Hatton90 i know this might sound a bit dumb but the account your trying to post stuff with does have Administration Right's to post stuff?
    profile 1372 days ago

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