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Gamer and hobby musician. Follow my music projects at Facebook or YouTube, if you will. VGM remixes and more.

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  • 08 December 2016
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  • 1 week ago
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  • friends Glejs and Sega Junkie are now friends
  • Magical Sound Shower - OutRun
    profile 674 days ago
  • Sonic 2 - Mystic Cave (multiplayer race version)
    profile 674 days ago
  • Ristar - Shooting Ristar
    profile 674 days ago
  • Valis III - Level 4 (the waterway where you have to hit the bell to enter the door)
    profile 674 days ago
  • Revenge Of Shinobi - Level 3. Classic 90s tunes
    profile 675 days ago
  • If I had to choose?

    I'd have to say most of the music from the Streets of Rage and Sonic games.

    Stuff like Marble Garden Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Go straight
    profile 675 days ago
  • Going to San Francisco and New York in a few days. Any hidden treasures in the vintage games stores department I need to know about?
    profile 761 days ago
  • friends Glejs and Shinjo360 are now friends
  • Paprium preordered.
    profile 809 days ago
  • Hip-Hop, Drum'n Bass, Techno, Chillout pop and underground Electro styles. My videogame remix album will feature it all. Two sneak peaks available at Glejs YouTube channel. Follow now! ;-)
    profile 838 days ago
  • Wishing all my fellow retrogamers an awesome weekend!
    profile 841 days ago
  • Finally I have broken the 100 complete Mega Drive games barrier! Most complete and in good condition too. :-)
    profile 855 days ago
  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 898 days ago

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