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a fun grab from cash generators today, super turrican unboxed for £23
- 2 months ago
  • Member since
  • 21 September 2013
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  • 19 hours 7 minutes ago
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  • a fun grab from cash generators today, super turrican unboxed for £23
    profile 46 days ago
  • was fun at insomnia yesterday, being able to rifle through the retro stuff at the retail area, looking for anything interesting. they had a full set of jp pokemon carts too
    profile 80 days ago
  • back from insomnia 62, and picked up £50 of stuff from the retro zone, vortex for snes, kirbys dream land 2 jap, kirbys block ball, castlevania and castlevania harmony of dissonance for gba
    profile 81 days ago
  • the way i started was to trawl through the top 50/100 lists for the systems i was interested in, picking out the games i would likely play
    profile 107 days ago
  • newest bag, lagoon from CEX for £15, scratch another off the wishlist
    profile 112 days ago
  • picked up phantasy star 0 from CEX today for £20, so theres another one down :)
    profile 138 days ago
  • megadrive game #137 bagged, powermonger for £6 :)
    profile 142 days ago
  • some great games on switch, zelda, mario odyssey, fire emblem warriors with plenty more to come :)
    profile 213 days ago
  • I wasn't aware Retro Gamer had any gravitas when it came to taking note of their review scores! But it is a very good game indeed! It's just a pleasure to play.
    profile 226 days ago
  • theres a review of it in retro gamer, 100%. i cant remember many other games hitting that lofty score :)
    profile 226 days ago
  • finally, after many months, i finally got a switch :) blaster master zero is awesome fun
    profile 249 days ago
  • picked up master system asterix cib while on holiday in bornemouth
    profile 263 days ago
  • a quick trip into CeX today and walked out with mega lo mania megadrive for £8 boxed
    profile 280 days ago
  • I usually play Oblivion and Skyrim on consoles simply down to liking to relax in my reclining armchair for 4+ hour sessions. Despite owning a physical TES Anthology set I just still prefer the console versions
    profile 283 days ago

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