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I may have the worst carboots but all that is made up for thanks to a friend trading me a Neo Geo Pocket Colour for 2 spare mega drive games I have.
- 5 years ago
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  • 20 January 2014
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  • Can't recommend Taz Escape form Mars either, I stuck it on straight after taz-mania, and while it makes a few improvements I don't plan on playing it ever again. I bought em both yesterday for about £7 quid each :(
    profile 1505 days ago
  • I know what you mean. I picked it up for £2.50 at my local market. Soon saw why it was so cheep when I got home
    profile 1505 days ago
  • It's so depressing when you think just 10-12 years ago all 3 stalls on pool market where loaded with games and they all wanted your Money and cut nice deals without even being asked.

    Where about in Cornwall are you? Do you have anywhere need by that's worth a visit?
    profile 1579 days ago
  • Hi, I seen you were in Cornwall also while reading an article earlier, and I agree, we live in the worst county for retro collecting :p
    profile 1579 days ago
  • Yeah all the mega drive games on steam are emulated apart from sonic cd which has been completely ported to a new engine which plays great. Give it a try it will be worth it.
    profile 1700 days ago
  • Have you tried the 8bit games on the Master System and Game Gear? if not I recommend you do, As the hardware cant match up to the Mega Drive they designed them a bit more around platforming and they still make for great Sonic games plus they have a bit more challenge. (Although that might be for me because I have played the 16bit games to death :D)
    profile 1700 days ago
  • I definately have. I was a Nintendo kid back in the day. People owning both SNES and a Mega Drive were rare, but I have infact played Sonic 2 and 3 at my friend's house, never beat it though as I didn't own them.
    profile 1701 days ago
  • I've not herd that before and tbh I don't see that making a difference but its harmless to try. If I can find the time Ill give it a try.
    profile 1701 days ago
  • You have only just got round to playing sonic 1? dude you have been missing out. In sonic 1 getting the Emeralds only grants you a "good ending" it's Sonic 2 that lets you turn Super after getting all 7 (btw there's 7 in sonic 2 and beyond) and if playing sonic 3 & knuckles you can turn hyper after collecting all 14 (there's 14 because you playing both games in 1).
    profile 1701 days ago
  • I think you might be right. I think I read somewhere that with a Saturn, it can be very picky with what power outlet you're using. I might try a couple out and see what happens. Thanks for that!
    profile 1701 days ago
  • Mine does the same thing I think its down to the laser. me and a friend have talked about taking the power supply from mine into his which is fine apart from the power supply.

    You probably need to pickup 1 for spares but in all honesty it will properly cost around the same amount to get 1 minus the leads.
    profile 1701 days ago
  • Yes Adam any PS3 hard drive can be replaced with a normal 2.5" laptop hard drive. You may want to google how to do it though
    profile 1703 days ago
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  • I just got 1 my self a few weeks ago and got sonic pocket adventure for it which im enjoying. what games are you looking to get for it?
    profile 1787 days ago
  • I may have the worst carboots but all that is made up for thanks to a friend trading me a Neo Geo Pocket Colour for 2 spare mega drive games I have.
    profile 1802 days ago

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