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Currently working offshore on the rigs, not the Games Master resort unfortunately ;) Big fan of retro gaming and collecting, i have a huge Amstrad CPC collection of hardware and games.
Fantastic Dizzy

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Fantastic Dizzy

Added a lovely boxed Atari Jaguar to his collection :)
- 7 years ago
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  • 10 July 2012
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  • 6 years ago
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  • Nice, i'll keep the WD40 tip in mind :)
    profile 2549 days ago
  • WD40, a cloth and some toothbrushes. I don't have the odd screwdriver to open the unit else id be all up inside them too. WD40 works great on gunk / stickers on boxes just don't rub too hard! Gets 80% muck off unless its past the point of no return.
    profile 2550 days ago
  • Out of interest, what did you do to restore the consoles?
    profile 2550 days ago
  • friends Consolecharlie and Fantastic Dizzy are now friends
  • Lost Skyrim progress, Ouch! Still, it will be fun starting it all over again!
    profile 2556 days ago
  • Added a lovely boxed Atari Jaguar to his collection :)
    profile 2558 days ago
  • Just ordered my copy of the OH Mummy! Sega release :)
    profile 2560 days ago
  • Ain't that just always the case! lol.
    profile 2560 days ago
  • Wow, never thought i'd see Oh Mummy! re-done, looks really nice though.
    profile 2561 days ago
  • Was one of the 1st MD games I ever had back in 91.
    profile 2561 days ago
  • Lol, the Bonanza Brothers! Used to play that all the time with my mate, nice.
    profile 2561 days ago
  • First post, just wanted to say Hi! to everyone on this fantastic website! Love looking at all the retro artwork, pictures and other collections. Looking forward to contributing from my own collection :)
    profile 2563 days ago

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