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Just came on here to read a message from another user and I find out that people are saying what I said nearly a year ago, that the owners don't care or pay attention.

This site has been dead for a while and everyone has spent their time poking it with a stick hoping it will do something; I stated a long time ago with NO back up how I felt about the site and I get it smashed back in my face!
- 2 years ago
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  • 02 April 2016
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  • After following the Phoenix train to its next destination, I have learnt that all stock was sold off in 2010.

    Stock was made to order (most of the time), I then got a name of their distributor as well as a contact.

    Unfortunately though, the CEO/President of Phoenix Games Paul Share, has unfortunately passed away. Say what you want about Phoenix Games, but at least they had an admirable vison.
    profile 627 days ago
  • Out of sheer curiosity, I have recently been studying Phoenix Games with an undying level of interest; after doing so, I have managed to find an insane amount of information through talking with ex-staff members, prior Phoenix owned/rented sites and companies within the surrounding area.

    Learning quite a bit.
    profile 628 days ago
  • Not sure why I didn't get Sonic Generations sooner, but either way, they somehow managed to make the classic soundtracks sound even better.

    Chemical plant zone was already awesome, but they made it better! Not the Modern remix, but the classic remix for real!

    Even stardust speedway is made better! What the hell?
    profile 636 days ago
  • The answer to the ultimate question is 42.

    My PS1 collection's completion percentage is 42.

    Ergo, the ultimate question is 'What is the completion percentage of Durst's PS1 collection.

    Bit underwhelming really...
    profile 639 days ago
  • Comment on the photo Deadly Premonition
    • I absolutely agree with you! This game is cheeseball and sometimes pretty broken, but I played it on the PS3 and had a blast. It's over the top, has
    photos 640 days ago
  • Don't you just love it when you order something New and in original packaging and it comes used and plucked beyond belief?

    Me too!
    profile 640 days ago
  • That's correct.

    If you click on the title Battle Frenzy, there is a segment under a few details where you get A.K.A titles.

    You'll get another example of this if you search for the game Three Lions for the PS1, it has an insane number of titles..
    profile 641 days ago
  • I want a Cosworth, but thanks.
    profile 648 days ago
  • If I wished to speak to someone about the site, who would be the best person to contact, hydr0x or Cauterise?
    profile 648 days ago
  • You're honestly better off elsewhere mate.
    profile 649 days ago
  • It's my birthday soon, so I came back on here to post a WGGIWW.


    Awaiting your opinion, or even your own over-rated game for the topic.
    profile 660 days ago
  • Contact Punisher or The Saint, and check out the WhatsApp group.
    profile 754 days ago
  • Came back to talk with someone briefly and then thought I'd treat myself to reading a review on the forum.

    What happened?

    Password needs to be changed due to nefarious activities (which I called by the way) and no reviews for two months.

    Did everyone just stop caring?
    profile 754 days ago
  • friends Bestboy7851 and Durst.P.I. are now friends
  • friends pineapple-king and Durst.P.I. are now friends

    profile 840 days ago
  • For all newcomers and long time members, join the 52 game challenge and see if you can get 52 games finished by the end of the year!

    You may be saying 'But Durst, I am a month late to the party!' but I don't care! I did 52 in a MONTH so I'm sure you'll be just fine.


    Get on it and start finishing those games you SAID you'd play!
    profile 841 days ago
  • Is there a limit to the amount of pictures you can upload onto a forum post? Done 52 games for 52 game challenge and want to upload them all.
    profile 841 days ago
  • Lots of new people here... How many bots though?
    profile 842 days ago
    • What in the name of alternative rock group Falco did you do to get these games? I know you do dance and drama, but do you harvest organs of the peopl
    photos 845 days ago
  • Hi there and welcome to RetroCollect.

    If you need a hand getting around, let me know and I'll let you know whats up.
    profile 846 days ago
  • friends Durst.P.I. and BunzLee are now friends
  • No problem, if you need certain titles, just have a look through the for sale and trade threads and see if you can find what you need; the N64/SNES collectors unite will also be good for conversational purposes and hopefully find you awesome prices for what you need.

    Welcome to the forums!
    profile 846 days ago
  • My whole collection was destroyed by troubled family members a couple of years ago. It's no use crying over spilled milk, as they say. Used to have a big collection of rare games and goodies, as my parents had a video game store during the SNES / N64 era.

    I'll be fine, though. Picked up a SNES and N64 today and I'm already working on getting the essential games! Thanks for asking, though!
    profile 846 days ago
  • Christ! What happened? Maybe we can help?
    profile 846 days ago
  • http://www.retrocollect.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4561&p=129074#p129074

    Must play Monday now because it can't wait! You need this game!

    Get this game! Read about it and get it! This game is great!

    Don't delay! Be styling!
    profile 849 days ago
  • First tutorial segment of the creative centre is up:


    More to follow in the future, but please remember that these are guidelines and that you will certainly have a different view when it comes to reviewing.

    Have your own thing to say to help others write? Place it in the forum topic and give out your big tips!
    profile 849 days ago
  • The RC Creative Centre is now LIVE!


    Here you can request advice and submit your unfinished work for completion; if it's creative and you need help, this is your topic.

    If anyone can think of any rules to add, fire away! We want this to be the best it can possibly be for everyone!
    profile 851 days ago



    profile 851 days ago
  • Hi all,

    Just curious as to whether or not it's a good idea to put up a creative forum or something similar where those that wish to contribute to the site can discuss what they're writing, seek other view points etc.

    Some people may want to write a review, but may feel a little worried about doing so; a post like this on the forum could help people get more info and see the viewpoints of others.
    profile 852 days ago
  • No, I know opnions are different from each and every person, but if you can sit there and tell yourself that Goldeneye on N64 is a BETTER game that 007 Nightfire on GC, you are so, so, very wrong.

    In fact, almost every bond game after Goldeneye was better! Don't believe me? Buy em! They're only about £2 a game! Prove me wrong and I'll pay you back! (Don't buy 007 racing...)
    profile 856 days ago
  • May be writing a WGGIWW for the so-called 'Immersive' MYST.

    I'll only be able to finish the thing if I can calm down as every time I start typing about this game, a day drops off of my life and I get livid.

    I would however like to know if people out there like this game and, if people actually get anything out of it, if so, please message me and I'll look harder to see if I am missing something.
    profile 859 days ago
    • Necessary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzYzVMcgWhg
    photos 860 days ago
  • Really needed to let off some steam there... Or let off some Myst, I guess...

    Please go to the forums and help me out... I must have missed a LOT!
    profile 861 days ago
  • I'm sorry, but penisfortjockning sounds hilarious.
    profile 868 days ago
  • Quick note: If you own a Wii U and you DON'T have Pikmin 3, have it next on your list of things to buy.
    profile 873 days ago
  • You know people talk about waking up to Christmas morning to sleigh bells and cheers, singing and snowflakes?

    Well I just woke to seagulls boning one another.

    Merry bloody Christmas! Holiday's are coming? I can tell you now they just came...
    profile 876 days ago
  • Oh damn! The site is back!

    Best get uploading.
    profile 879 days ago
  • Is now playing a certain Christmas themed game for the PS1... There are only two and I don't own the Grinch so...

    Though.. There is another Christmas game... A good one too...

    Hope you're ready for this everyone...
    profile 884 days ago
  • Will be doing a countdown to Christmas extravaganza by doing a post for EACH DAY.

    Maybe even a post for tomorrow on an existing subject... Who knows?

    Either way, it's all going to be Christmas themed, so good luck me huh?
    profile 884 days ago
  • Yoooooooou! Nintendo! How dare you!

    It took me 10 freaking years to get it! That silly little joke! You disgust me! Miis!!! Miis damnit!

    I've used them all this time and my girlfriend asked 'What's that there?' and I said

    'It's-a me'

    ... I hate you... Seriously it's not funny... Maybe a bit...
    profile 886 days ago
  • With the uploading of pictures being available, I hope to see a whole bunch of pictures for FOTO FRIDAY.

    Failure is not an option.

    Also, does anyone know if Pondis is okay? Worried about him. If nobody has any quarrels, I'd like to suggest a post for Thursday's top Three.

    Either way, I hope he is doing alright.
    profile 886 days ago
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there we go, WGGIWW written up and ready to be read.


    It's strange to think that Assassins Creed is over 8 years old now...
    profile 887 days ago
  • A must play monday? On a Wednesday? From Durst? But he is usually punctual!


    Jokes aside, looking into writing a WGGIWW as well whilst I'm here so... See you Friday?
    profile 887 days ago

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