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  • Heck no, I played SFII on the Mega Drive and in the Arcade. Then skipped the Saturn and Playstation and returned to SF on the Dreamcast. So you could say I was lucky ... :-)
    profile 1398 days ago
    • Nice going m8! Why wait till certain games become obscure or hard to find. Get them while they still sell them ;-)
    photos 1416 days ago
    • Wow, nice collection. Some extremely rare games.
    photos 1416 days ago
  • Welcome, it's a great community here. Retro or modern gaming related. Have fun.
    profile 1416 days ago
  • Comment on the album Megadrive Box Sets
    Wow, that's quitte cool. Didn't even know it existed.
    albums 1562 days ago
  • cont.......n ive never even played a gamegear infact the only hand held ive ever owned was a ds n that was only to play Mario kart
    profile 1979 days ago
  • yeah cheers mate ive not done 2 bad getting to 80% in about 18 months just that last 205 n then im gonna go for a complete dreamcast collection........the 1st console I ever had was a master system but it was towards the end of it slife so the 1 me n all my mates played was the megadrive which was why I started to collect for it ...........ive never really been into hand held consoles myself
    profile 1979 days ago
  • Love that MD collection. I'm not even close to 80% yet ;-) Streets of Rage 2 is my favourite game too, in fact it's the first game I bought in 1992 for the MD (not counting pack-in titel Sonic that cam with my Mega Drive). But the Game Gear will probably remain my favourite console (the first one I bought way back in 1991).
    profile 1980 days ago
  • friends Adam Hoare and Dschadir_NL are now friends
  • Cool collection m8, especially the complete Saturn collection :-)
    profile 2026 days ago

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