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Bagged Deep Fear for 70 notes! Chuffed
- 4 weeks ago
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  • 24 August 2012
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  • Bagged Deep Fear for 70 notes! Chuffed
    profile 28 days ago
  • Got Atlantis on Saturn, just need a booklet -_-
    profile 67 days ago
  • Managed to snag a PAL Torico again for the Saturn, 50 quid this time around.... A massive far cry from the 7 quid I paid for it back in my Gamestation days!
    profile 84 days ago
  • Ordered Xena for the N64, unboxed. CEX sent me a boxed one instead for the same price. Cheers lads!
    profile 85 days ago
  • Found Virtua Cop on the Saturn in big box form finally after 3 failed attempts at CEX who sent the pack in version! eBay for the win this time.
    profile 93 days ago
  • Yes! I have found that too, sometimes playing a game from ground level, particularly sports helps understand the more intricate nature of play!
    profile 94 days ago
  • friends Jack_Neuro and Dreamcastnews are now friends
  • I found a love for ice hockey coz of video games and I also appreciate how plays work in US football coz of a silly monster football game. Both are things I learned coz I was playing a game and twigged :)
    Sometimes filler can be killer :D
    profile 95 days ago
  • I totally agree - I usually have a gem or two to start with and end up buying common games to plump up the collection, they look lost on the shelves otherwise! Tiger Woods 03 or 04 I'd give you, who doesn't like American Punk pop playing whilst tw*ting the ball down the fairway :D
    profile 95 days ago
  • I favour gems but i've got some bumph in the collection just fattening it up :) You never know, i might get a sudden hankering to play Tiger Woods '08. ;)
    profile 98 days ago
  • Anyone else collect filler as well as gems just to have?
    profile 98 days ago
  • T'was not an intentional break of (presumably) the rules, but okay - understood.
    profile 100 days ago
  • Do not put you tube links in the community feed. You'll be banned if you do it again.

    Please put this in the You Tube links thread in the forum
    profile 100 days ago
  • Xbox 360 has many hidden gems to discover now that the games are starting to disappear.
    profile 174 days ago
  • It's a good time to be picking up Wii games I find...
    profile 231 days ago
  • Managed to get Aero the Acrobat 2 on the Megadrive for under £20!
    profile 2473 days ago

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