Dekumoon's friends


Metal gear solid pc game mint condition for bargain price of £1 in charity shop.... BARGAIN


It's been a while since I've messaged here. Feels very empty, no offense. Still happy that the site is still around.


Merry Christmas people!


Hi guy's hope you've not missed me to much :p been busy and personal issues but ill try and be more active now :)


There was really nice chap at Play Leeds showing his free android game that he developed. Spent a good portion of the day doing score attack against fellow forumites. Highly addictive - i recommend you try it... splodey vaders




oooh - I thought the photo thing was just me...


Happy New Year my fellow retro collectors! #2015


found a complete boxed NES game genie today and a copy of Power Drome for PS2, pretty good day so far


Just as an update - we're looking into the image upload issues at the moment! We recently moved to a more reliable server, but as expected there were a few hiccups.

Loch and Quay

Finally beat Resi 6, 3 years after I stopped playing it.


Hello everyone, I have been away for a long time. I ended up having to sell a lot of my collection, namely my CDI and VCS stuff as I needed the money. Recently I have just been picking games up cheap at car Boot sales and charity shops, mostly original Xbox and some 360 stuff. Decided to sign back in here and join in again since I'm back in the game so to speak. It's good to be back!


After a few months, a change of Passwords & some games hunting, I'm back.


Hope to see / catch up with some of you at PLAY Expo over the weekend.


Streaming Zelda's Minish Ca[ for the Gameboy Advance tonight on my twitch channel. Its gonna be a duck of a time. Come by!


DuckTales, Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers and Double Dragon for the Nes just snagged off eBay for a pretty penny :)
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