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I have added a complete list of Wii U PAL games in the Database discussion forum please feel free to use it as a guide only
- 4 months ago
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  • 16 May 2015
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  • 4 days ago
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  • I have added a complete list of Wii U PAL games in the Database discussion forum please feel free to use it as a guide only
    profile 129 days ago
  • Wii U PAL collection is now complete 100% :)
    profile 129 days ago
  • Finally found summer games for the Atari XEGS only taken 3 years of searching. One happy bunny :)
    profile 212 days ago
  • Dance21 added 3 new photos in XEGS album
    • Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 11.09.15
    • Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 11.09.07
    • Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 11.08.51
    photos 212 days ago
  • Just an off chance does any one have a copy of Summer Games for the Atari XE the cartridge version?
    profile 236 days ago
  • and by the way cool game I replayed just before going to see the new blade runner and it was as good as when I played 18 years ago
    profile 480 days ago
  • I know, I have looked into making a claim against them but because the items are still "fit for use" there is nothing you can do. These games are almost antiques 40years old would they rip apart an item say an antique jewellery box just because it could conceal something?
    profile 480 days ago
  • Feel your pain :-( I received a parcel from Poland a few weeks ago. Very badly damaged after being opened by customs. It happens but it's not good.
    profile 480 days ago
  • this is a sad world we live in.. i cannot buy games from UK stores, they just do not do it. I live in the Netherlands and we just do not have some titles for ps2, wtf
    profile 481 days ago
  • US Custom Agrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Bought a load (10) of big box Atari 800 cartridge games sealed from Venezuela got the package today and custom have opened all of then and destroyed 2 of them. Not the seller fault but so frustrating. I know the country has a bad rep but could them have done some non destructive test
    profile 483 days ago
  • Grainger Games AVOID!!!!!!!!!! I'm don't speak up often but THEY ARE SELLING SECOND GAMES AS NEW!!!!! Purchase from them and when it arrived was clearly second hand. The exact same happen to 2 of my friends. The game was unsealed with case damage and "Game" second hand labels you know the small bar ones had been badly peeled off.
    profile 584 days ago
  • friends Dance21 and Homr836 are now friends
  • Here's a little fact for everyone I checked the price of my gameboy original games one year ago to the day I was board! and I needed to get insurance on my collection/house rechecked today and he prices of boxed complete games on eBay have gone up by 41.4% No wonder its getting harder to find that bargain!!!! Grrrrrrrrr. :(
    profile 679 days ago
  • Hi Dance21. It depends what type of collector you are, you get complete in box collectors and people who just want the carts to play.
    profile 695 days ago

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