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Started collecting in feb 2013 as i had a spare room and a gaming habit.. now i have a man command gaming center ongoing build ^^

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Happy to see the nintendo ds section! Added my humble 39 games... 2000 collection wow. Hoping for 360 & ps3 *fingers crossed*
- 2 years ago
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  • 06 May 2013
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  • Happy to see the nintendo ds section! Added my humble 39 games... 2000 collection wow. Hoping for 360 & ps3 *fingers crossed*
    profile 844 days ago
  • wish i'd bought some more little samson's when i got mine jesus the pal one gone silly money
    profile 991 days ago
  • bit of snes goodness 57-60 , bomberman 3, worms, tournament fighters and desert stirke happy man ^^
    profile 1017 days ago
  • friends rile91 and Cyphster are now friends
  • Cyphster added a new photo in Memorys album
    • image.
    photos 1032 days ago
  • isolated warrior on nes and a bundle of ps1 games for a tenner, ff6 missing the demo disk though and crash bandicoot with crash 2 in! had lizards behind me so just took and run other than that not so brilliant! a lot of rough games on blackpool booters!
    profile 1035 days ago
  • Mortis2deal the guy you on about posted the chat on fb game trader i just seen it then saw your post made me chuckle lol
    profile 1045 days ago
  • Comment on the photo DSC_0377
    • haha yea that would annoy the hell out of me, nice set of games though
    photos 1046 days ago
  • just received my octodad ps4 and vita games from limited run, ps4 case smashed from yodel. :(
    profile 1072 days ago
  • i know! i'v never been so close to selling my collection ever. Upgrade to a new house etc but would regret it for a hell of a long time. I wish games were still pounds and not collector piece's
    profile 1073 days ago
  • so i been relogging my collection so i know what its worth had some massive shocks, young merlin i bought for 30 a good awhile ago.. one sold for 113 on auction.. jesus im at the point now where im thinking my collection could reqally help is upgrade to a bigger house but need to learn the figure before i break my heart :(
    profile 1077 days ago
  • friends Cyphster and Durst.P.I. are now friends
  • FF8 is a mixed bag

    It also has the best card game BAR NONE!
    profile 1082 days ago
  • stick with it, ff8 my favorite though the draw system for magic can put people of early
    profile 1083 days ago
  • Comment on the photo IMG_0301
    • looks great pal, i lost my game room when we had our son and down to a wall of billy cases haha long as we got a corner or little bit keep plodding an
    photos 1106 days ago
  • -1 game today, our damation pup picked out from my psp collection tactics ogre special edition and chewed the sleeve to bits... Furious is not adequate of a word...
    profile 1108 days ago

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