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retro collect should make a database app for phones. make it happen!


Just joined, great to see others with similar love of retro games.


Seems fitting that my last update was a staggering 1337 days ago. So whats occurring?

Fantastic Dizzy

Added a lovely boxed Atari Jaguar to his collection :)


That Gunlord review has given me the horn for Turican, time to dust off the Amiga 500 and get playing


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Man, NGPC games don't half go for big bucks now. Need 8 more to complete the collection. May need a mortgage for Cotton.


Popped into CEX after work tonight. Ended up buying three Sega Master System games I needed for the collection. It's the 1st time in over a year I've bought anything. Felt guilty for spending the money after. My wife now has two stocking fillers to give me at Xmas and 1 main present from another family member. Jobs a good'n


Hope to see / catch up with some of you at PLAY Expo over the weekend.


Sad to see my Virtual Boy go today. Decided that seeing as I've only played it a few times in 5 years, time was up on it, and some lovely DC stuff can replace it.


Going on Ebay Drunk..... what did I buy last night????


Basically they are trying to screw me over and get the item for HALF it's value...


is a safe place to buy RGB cables thanks :)

lost ruin

good evening everybody! How is everyone? Who is looking forward to Play Blackpool in a couple of weeks?


I haven't got hold of a copy yet (SOON!), but myself and my Tomb Raider collection are in this months Retro Gamer! (All thanks to The Saint!) Keep an eye out for me :D x

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