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Happy to see the nintendo ds section! Added my humble 39 games... 2000 collection wow. Hoping for 360 & ps3 *fingers crossed*


whats your views on the c64 i just re started my collection for it it was the first gaming system i ever owned :)


hi guys, hopefully i will upload photos buy the end of this week! i will re-upload them because the photo quality is really crap! so i will be using a better camera rather then my 3DS camera!


Hello everyone, I have been away for a long time. I ended up having to sell a lot of my collection, namely my CDI and VCS stuff as I needed the money. Recently I have just been picking games up cheap at car Boot sales and charity shops, mostly original Xbox and some 360 stuff. Decided to sign back in here and join in again since I'm back in the game so to speak. It's good to be back!


Just added another N gage game to the collection woo!


Hi there guys, going through the collection and usually i am happy enough just owning the games however i would like a good few of them to be complete, does anyone have manuals for Megadrive and Master System games? mostly them that need completed :)


Stoked! I found this unnamed store here in Manila, Philippines and I managed to pick up over 25 Famicom games for my Famicom system back home! Best part is I got all 25 Famicom Carts for less than 1000PHP ($20)!!

Can't wait to eventually get home and play them! I'll post pictures soon. The internet here in the Philippines is terrible and it took roughly 15 minutes for RetroCollect to load.. haha

T Moleman

Playing a bit of Star Trek Armada tonight, my god what a game, criminally underlooked RTS


I have listed on eBay my small retro pile of goodies if anyone interested thanks .
Item number 261089229967


I noticed a sudden price spike in COD games. MW2 is £20 in CEX on the 360. Why? it was a £5 game not long ago.


Happy New Year my fellow retro collectors! #2015


Read that some people are having issues with uploading photos. I too am having these issues, I thought it might just be me. Is anyone looking into it?


If you're in the hunt for "Miss Spider's Tea Party" simply because you don't have it yet, it's time to admit you have a problem.


Retro goodness and Hidden Gems, that's what video games hunting is all about...


Happy to announce that i'm going to have a stall at the next Retro Collect video game market at Leeds town hall next February. Please check out my YouTube channel to find out what i'm bringing to the event :-D

Also, advice from any of you guys would be great. Any and all feedback is welcome :-D


great video discussing modern games using the term 8 bit as a selling point


Should I get Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask?


Only a week on Saturday until the Super Retro Games Fair in Leeds!! 100 tables and 50 sellers of retro gaming - -


If you need help building up your collection, or have a certain game you want, i may be able to help, please have a look on my website


Accidently spent all day on Phantasy Star again... Whoops...

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