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Hey I'm Kyle and I'm a videogames collector and writer/podcaster, living and loving life :)

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Anyone looking to buy 3DO games? About to move out and wanting to sell a ton of PAL, NSTC and JAP games as a job lot to help with the move :)
- 8 months ago
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  • 09 March 2012
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  • Anyone looking to buy 3DO games? About to move out and wanting to sell a ton of PAL, NSTC and JAP games as a job lot to help with the move :)
    profile 225 days ago
  • Crikey haven't been on here in ages, how's everyone doing! I'm getting prepped to move house so slowly selling off bits of my collection. A Shame to see it all go but it'll reach loving new places soon I'm sure. Time to start pricing the Jaguar, Gizmondo and 3DO games :D
    profile 276 days ago
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  • Finally got a new power pack for my N64 so I can play Conkers Bad Fur Day without having to hook it up to my portable N64 lol. Bring on the big screen fun :D
    profile 460 days ago
  • Just adding my voice to those below. I love RetroCollect and when I joined early 2012, it opened my eyes not just to how many Dreamcast games I never knew (and encouraged me to discover them all!) but I met so many great gamers who I've been able to game & trade with and share our own gaming experiences! Please Cauterize & Hydr0x, give us the abilities to help manage the site & keep it growing :)
    profile 473 days ago
  • The downsizing is going well, but I do feel I need to get a new system in my life and I'm itching for something Japanese. Anygone got any recommendations? :)
    profile 485 days ago
  • And the Xbox collection is now up for sale. I'll be sad to see it go but it means space and funds for moving house and a chance to focus on building a smaller, diverse collection rather than have constant full sets :)
    profile 494 days ago
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  • 50 games still to test of the Xbox PAL collection - it's time to sell it up and clear some space for the future! If anyone's looking for a full set just let me know haha :)
    profile 509 days ago
  • Actually figured out how to control the plane properly in Tomcat Alley and the cameras/guns in Ground Zero Texas. Not only is the Mega CD better the 2nd time round but so is my ability to be smart and read the sodding manuals for once :D
    profile 529 days ago
  • I have now got a Multimega in my life and back to collecting Mega CD Games...this was not planned but I'm glad I've returned to the Mega CD. Just need some more games now alongside my Saturn collecting. My bank balance will not thank me :)
    profile 540 days ago
  • I think my Saturn may have just died...drat...
    profile 553 days ago
  • It feels weird that I'm downsizing the collection but actually it's helping me get back into collecting again. I'm now really wanting to finish the Saturn set while I get rid of the other consoles and games I want to shift. Bit odd how that works out but hey I'll go with it :D
    profile 559 days ago
  • I'm really hungry for Saturn games now, but why do they all have to appear when I'm skint haha? :D
    profile 563 days ago

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