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I'm a retro and modern gaming enthusiast from the UK. I collect titles I consider interesting, enjoyable or simply historically relevant across a wide variety of platforms.

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Looks like all my consoles safely made it over to Ireland with me! Missing UK prices but at least we don't need to stockpile toilet roll :D
- 2 months ago
  • Member since
  • 19 June 2011
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  • 6 hours 31 minutes ago
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  • Looks like all my consoles safely made it over to Ireland with me! Missing UK prices but at least we don't need to stockpile toilet roll :D
    profile 63 days ago
  • Comment on the photo Nintendo Watches
    • Most of these were terrible to play, with the exception of Tetris which was awesome and the best thing for passing the time in the queues at Alton Tow
    photos 106 days ago
    • The speech in that one lol
    photos 554 days ago
  • Mine is sat waiting for me when I get home in 2 weeks. The joycon sync seems to be a bit of an issue though, might just return it and wait for another hardware revision
    profile 810 days ago
  • Great fun with 1 2 Switch last night, shame about the Joycon disconnecting in Bomberman though.
    profile 812 days ago
    • best use of a Daily Express ever
    photos 992 days ago
  • Comment on the photo CP just buttons to go..
    • Excellent work!
    photos 1007 days ago
  • You dishonour that generations memory and their sacrifice to bring us a peaceful, united Europe with such awful, right wing statements based almost entirely on lies and the Cartoon EU Boris Johnson himself created which bares no resemblance to the real thing, something we used to have a BIG voice in but now don't. Case closed for me too before we both get banned!
    profile 1066 days ago
  • I'm enjoying the country my grandfather fought for and MILLIONS DIED FOR! will be once again governed and elected by its own people!. RULE BRITANNIA. case closed
    profile 1066 days ago
  • If you voted out you voted for recession, slaughtering of the pound and an eventual breakup of the UK. Future generations overwhelmingly wanted to stay in. Enjoy reaping what you sow.
    profile 1066 days ago
  • and as normal just the individual people just thinking about how it will effect them and not the bigger picture and future generations I VOTED OUT not just for me but for the rest of country !
    profile 1066 days ago
  • Sad day for the country :( My heart goes out to all other retro-gaming businesses in the UK facing possible financial ruin and uncertainty today.
    profile 1066 days ago
  • friends Schlibbylibby and BuckoA51 are now friends
  • Sounds like the Italian post service sucks! Can't really blame EU for that though.
    profile 1067 days ago
  • Also there's nobody in the EU that isn't voted for or appointed by someone who was voted for and directly responsible to them, so don't fall for the rhetoric, I'll stop now though as I don't want to break site rules.
    profile 1067 days ago

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