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United Kingdom
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Bio: Born in September '99, got PS2 at 4 years.
Grew into Gaming by 7. Old Man gave me a PS1 at 11.
Expanded to GameCube, Game Boy & Xbox by 15. Now looking to collect all consoles.

Current Age: 17

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Mass Effect 3
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Xbox 360
Consoles Owned
Game Boy
Nintendo DS
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
PC - Windows
Xbox 360

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After a few months, a change of Passwords & some games hunting, I'm back.
- 2 years ago
  • Member since
  • 26 April 2012
  • Last online
  • 2 years ago
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  • Hi Cb. I'd like to be the first to welcome you to RetroCollect. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
    Quick question: How much did all those games & consoles cost?
    profile 802 days ago
  • After a few months, a change of Passwords & some games hunting, I'm back.
    profile 802 days ago
  • Got Pokèmon Blue on GB for £19.99. Expect pictures at 4 PM.
    profile 844 days ago
  • friends Bestboy7851 and Durst.P.I. are now friends
  • Well... I went there. Guess what? They didn't have the Smegging game.. even after a search.
    profile 849 days ago
  • Time: 3:00 PM (1hr & 26m to go.)

    Date: 27/01/2017

    Location: [CLASSIFED], London, UK

    Mission: Obtain a copy of "Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth".

    Collector: Bestboy7851
    profile 849 days ago
  • Yeah, being a huge survival horror fan I was expecting it to be great. Even without the bugs I felt it was pretty a poor experience overall. I havent played it in about 10 years so maybe i'll give it a second chance some day
    profile 851 days ago
  • Found out where to buy Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth... no location being given in case some sneaky what-not gets it before me ;)
    profile 852 days ago
  • True... but it's the FPS Resident Evil game we all fancied... without Zombies (But with H.P. Lovecraft's works inspiring the game.)
    profile 852 days ago
  • Bought it on launch back in 2005. It's a buggy mess to be honest
    profile 853 days ago
  • I've been meaning to get Dark Corners of the Earth.. never had the dough to acquire it though..
    profile 853 days ago
  • friends Mozex and Bestboy7851 are now friends
  • Driv3r is playable, but glitchy at times. But EtM has serious Frame-rate issues on certain levels & can crash often at the Control Tower 2 boss fight on PS2, making the game unbeatable.
    profile 856 days ago
  • So I looked at your collection. Got some good games. Two things that caught my eye was Enter the Matrix & Driv3r (Both by Atari). Now they were rushed & flopped.
    By that, I mean they were rushed out of development to be released for Profit & the games ended up being flops. (Remember Driv3rGate?)
    profile 856 days ago
  • friends Bestboy7851 and The p are now friends
  • Hi P.
    Saw your comment to Leongetz247 about the Demo Discs.
    TBH... I don't believe Demo Discs are in the database yet.
    profile 863 days ago
  • Nice..
    albums 863 days ago
  • 9 Days until Xmas. Who's excited for the day when we open Presents & are rewarded with Games?
    profile 891 days ago

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