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Please show me a pic of that handtray. I need a solution for my Gameboy games as they are piling up in the cupboard.
- 4 years ago
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    • secretsanta
    photos 1277 days ago
  • Drawers are a great solution for gameboy related stuff especially games now that I see it. The problem is, I don't really have the room for it, well maybe a smaller closet with drawers will fit somewhere.

    So I have to rearrange my room then ;)

    Anyways thanks for sharing the images, appreciate it!
    profile 1414 days ago
  • profile 1414 days ago
  • Please show me a pic of that handtray. I need a solution for my Gameboy games as they are piling up in the cupboard.
    profile 1414 days ago
  • Benko added 2 new photos in Misc images album
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    photos 1424 days ago
  • Yeah I picked it up ;)
    profile 1458 days ago
  • Just licked up Dancing Stage Mario and MC Groovz for 40 Euro shipping included.
    Also found a Last Story brand new for 25.
    profile 1458 days ago
  • Comment on the album Misc images
    Today I bought some stuff at a local DVD rental store. This might confuse some parents
    albums 1461 days ago
  • Benko added a new photo in Benko's Photos album
    • 20150625_184744
    photos 1461 days ago
  • Ok thanks
    profile 1466 days ago
  • really easy to replace analog sticks can use Wii analog sticks to replace with Gamecube ones there identical :3 else you can pick some up from ebay :)
    profile 1466 days ago
  • At home I realised that the left stick on all 3 controllers was CHEWED off I guess.
    My question now is: How easy/hard is it to replace the analog sticks?
    profile 1466 days ago
  • Funny thing happened today. I was at a GameStop where I bought a couple PSP games, when the woman and her boy in front of me were trying to get rid of their Gameboy games. Of course the employee refused to buy these games so I jumped in. Outside the store she emptied her bag with some Gameboy games, a Gamecube and 3 Controller. She didn't want the stuff so I bought it all.
    profile 1466 days ago
  • Just got me Heroes of Mana and Children of Mana. So far I've only played Secret of Mana. Is it possible to start anywhere or do I need to get my hands on the other Mana installments first.
    Oh and also are the two DS games as good as the first one?
    profile 1475 days ago
  • Love the Avatar!!!!.

    One of my favorite games!
    profile 1477 days ago
  • Lucker.... Reminds me of the time I lucked out and went picking up what I thought was a loose GB classic and 10 games for 10 euro. A deal I will take any day. Turned out to be a cib Gameboy classic... :)
    profile 1477 days ago

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