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Looking at the reveal trailer for Just Dance 2017 was just depressing - especially at the end - spotting that Wii logo.
- 3 years ago
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  • 14 August 2011
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    • It was bought in Russia by a fellow videogame collector and offered to me.
    photos 857 days ago
  • The Unseen64 is deffo worth a watch if you're interested.
    profile 1005 days ago
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  • Thanks for giving me the name of the magazine :) ! y'know we tried to find the magazine name because we wanted to know the games we had on the discs we get every week then from them
    profile 1034 days ago
  • Do you mean "Komputer for alle"? In Sweden it was called "Komputer för alla". I used to subscribe to that and it was targeted to the average computer user and always had a CD stuffed with nice little softwares and games. I liked it a lot but as I grew more computer savvy it kind of fell of the radar as it was a bit too basic for my taste.
    profile 1040 days ago
  • Comment on the photo WII 1140-1154 ( PAL )
    • 1140 = Winter Sports 2011: Go For Gold ( RVL-SPOP-UKV ) 1141 = We Sing: Down Under ( RVL-SIUU-UKV ) 1142 = Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Prin
    photos 1051 days ago
  • Looking at the reveal trailer for Just Dance 2017 was just depressing - especially at the end - spotting that Wii logo.
    profile 1076 days ago
  • Comment on the photo WII 1125-1139 ( PAL )
    • 1125 = Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident ( RVL-SFIP-UKV ) 1126 = The Smurfs 2 ( RVL-S2XP-UKV ) 1127 = Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum ( RV
    photos 1128 days ago
  • Fair enough, I just saw this one Giant bomb (

    In fairness, I haven't seen a DS hard copy myself...

    I also noticed something... Those Wii games that Phoenix didn't publish, could they be popcorn arcade games? They did release Myth Makers on the Wii and the PS2 ports were Phoenix.

    Or am I looking into this too far?
    profile 1129 days ago
  • There was a lot of Phoenix games announced for the Wii - but none of them ever saw the light of day thankfully. So - no Dalmatians 4 exists for the Wii at least. Not sure about the DS - but I can't recall ever seeing a Phoenix Games game for the DS.
    profile 1129 days ago
  • Comment on the photo WII 1110-1124 ( PAL )
    • 1110 = Chicken Riot ( RVL-SCRP-UKV ) 1111 = Need for Speed: Pro Street ( RVL-RNPP-UKV ) 1112 = Sesame Street: Ready, Set Grover! The Videogame ( RVL-S
    photos 1151 days ago
  • Comment on the photo WII 1095-1109 ( PAL )
    • 1095 = Question pour un Champion: Le Jeu Officiel ( RVL-R57F-FRA ) 1096 = Mr Bean's Wacky World of Wii ( RVL-REBP-UKV ) 1097 = Ballerina (Repetto Pari
    photos 1177 days ago
  • Comment on the photo WII 1080-1094 ( PAL )
    • 1080 = The Amazing Spider-Man ( RVL-SA8P-UKV ) 1081 = Spaghetti Western Shooter ( RVL-SPHP-EUR ) 1082 = Penguins of Madagascar ( RVL-SV7P-EUR ) 1083 =
    photos 1190 days ago
    Collect 1100 Wii games

    It took me 202 days to add another 100 Wii games to the collection. Almost one game every other day. Pretty satisfied with that. Only 140 left and only a handful of those might be considered rare. Can I be done by the end of the year? I hope so!
    profile 1192 days ago
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  • Aye! The Wii database is up-to-date. Hopefully there will be no more releases for that platform now.
    profile 1210 days ago
  • I think it's necessary to clean up now and then. Who knows how many million courses have been uploaded to their servers - many of which are not even complete courses but tests. It's important that Nintendo maintain good quality so getting rid of the "bad" courses is the right way to go. If players keep getting served bad courses they might get bored both at playing and creating.
    profile 1221 days ago
  • Comment on the photo WII 1065-1079 ( PAL )
    • 1065 = The Magic Roundabout ( RVL-RT6P-UXP ) 1066 = Just Dance 2015 ( RVL-SE3P-SCN ) 1067 = Let's Sing 2016 ( RVL-SLGP-EUR ) 1068 = Pirate Blast ( RVL
    photos 1225 days ago
  • Thanks for the advice, that was my plan. I've put together this spreadsheet:

    I've confirmed only the games I own so far. I've also started a thread here if anyone would be so kind as to confirm any of the games.:
    profile 1229 days ago
  • Best of luck with the Xbox 360 list. An advice if you have the intention to maybe submit this list to the database on here: Start collecting photo proof of each game from day one - even for the totally obvious games that exists beyond any doubt. Just grabbing a list from somewhere and assuming it's correct doesn't do it. Everything needs proof.
    profile 1229 days ago
    • What do the kittys do? Are they dancing?
    photos 1238 days ago
  • Comment on the photo WII 1050-1064 ( PAL )
    • 1050 = Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing ( RVL-SKNP-SCN ) 1051 = Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions ( RVL-SPDP-UKV ) 1052 = Rodea the Sky Soldier ( RVL-S
    photos 1254 days ago
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  • Comment on the photo WII 1035-1049 ( PAL )
    • 1035 = Barbie: Jet, Set & Style ( RVL-S3EP-SCN ) 1036 = Let's Sing ( RVL-SLFP-EUR ) 1037 = Cars: Mater-National Championship ( RVL-RC2P-UKV ) 1038 = R
    photos 1274 days ago
  • Comment on the photo WII 1020-1034 ( PAL )
    • 1020 = Go Vacation ( RVL-SGVP-UKV ) 1021 = Resident Evil ( RVL-RE4P-UKV ) 1022 = Fishing Master ( RVL-RTRP-UKV ) 1023 = Let's Sing 7: Versión Española
    photos 1274 days ago
  • Ohh.... Yeah I suppose that makes sense. Especially with a console that has far too many games for it's own good, like the PS2 for example. If I had a scanner I could help with adding cover art on the website to the games I have. I think this site is pretty awesome and high in quality. Features like tracking your progress on a collection has me sold on the site.
    profile 1301 days ago
  • Adding a console to the database isn't just formatting data. All data needs to be verified as well. The data in RetroCollect isn't just copied from someone elses research. All data here is original research made by the admins and curators (me being the curator for the Wii data). All games need a photo proof to begin with. That's to guarantee that the game actually exists. That's time consuming.
    profile 1301 days ago
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  • Dark Editions of both Wii and Wii U version of Skylanders: SuperChargers arrived today. Last time I pre-ordered from that store. The game was released last week! Geee.

    I'm happy with them though :)
    profile 1335 days ago

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