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Arcturius is Fully Customisable and Uses State-Of-The-Art Motion Capture and new MotionDesign Technology, Ray Traced and Fully Rendered in Real-Time Full Motion Video created using Up-To-The-Date Silicon Graphics and incredible Cinematic Effects mixed with MotionBlending and Virtual Motion Engines to create smooth fluid play. Multi-Player, Multi-Camera, and an Arsenal of Lethal Weapons with all the Latest Squads and Entire Seasons and Full Careers Over an Infinite number of possible scenarios including Fully 3D Landscapes enabling total freedom of movement with a Live Interactive Commentary, voiced by real professional voice actors who go Head-To-Head in a Fast-Paced White-Knuckle Fight-To-The-Finish to save the future of Humanity in an engaging Sci-Fi storyline set in an Epic Fantasy.

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Basically they are trying to screw me over and get the item for HALF it's value...
- 5 years ago
  • Member since
  • 01 March 2010
  • Last online
  • 2 years ago
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  • what system? homebrew ?
    profile 1745 days ago
  • Was a limited run game, doesn't really matter now it's gone and so is the money...
    profile 1745 days ago
  • what you try and sell ?
    profile 1745 days ago
  • Basically they are trying to screw me over and get the item for HALF it's value...
    profile 1745 days ago
  • I am so done with selling rare games from my personal collection to try and pay my bills, just had the SECOND bad buyer experience with someone who ALREADY got a £20 discount opening a paypal dispute for ANOTHER £15 over a supposed broken corner on a case that most certainly wasn't there when it was mailed...
    profile 1745 days ago
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  • Yup pretty much the same thing here the debt I could clear if it wasn't for the interest eating away at what I can save and dragging it out longer.
    profile 2167 days ago
  • I sort know how you feel mate I have a overdraft hanging over me I sold my megadrive/mega cd collection in may to clear some of it but the interest alone is like £20 a month I know it don't sound much but as you said when you are unemployed and don't get much that money is a lot I can sympathise with you mate I really can hope you get it sorted soon
    profile 2167 days ago
  • If you are unemployed & the debt is causing undue hardship, you should go to your nearest Citizens advice bureau, they will be able to help you, there are ways to freeze the interest, (which appears to be your problem) or even agree a different repayment plan with the lender.
    profile 2167 days ago
  • The debt was left on my main bank account so I really can't not pay it back or they just keep taking more and more on the interest and if it gets too high I won;t be able to even buy food :/
    profile 2168 days ago
  • Have you considered not paying the debt back?
    It can be the best way forward, it all depends on your circumstances.
    A friend of mine had a really high interest loan & he stopped paying it, got away with it.
    There's also IVA's & of course bankruptcy, (which isn't as bad as it sounds) celebrities are doing it all the time to avoid tax bills
    profile 2168 days ago
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