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.... I like games. Megadrive and PS2 are probably my favourite, but that might just be the nostalgia talking.

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I'm playing X-Com 2 on Rookie difficulty and still losing badly.
- 2 years ago
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  • 23 January 2014
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  • 1 month ago
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  • I'm playing X-Com 2 on Rookie difficulty and still losing badly.
    profile 760 days ago
  • friends rile91 and Andy are now friends
  • His voice as the narrator when he says "you win!" still sounds so ... barry-like though.
    profile 1018 days ago
  • Trying to figure out how to manually tune analogue signals on an old DVB tv. Manual says it can but the menu doesn't have the same options...
    profile 1027 days ago
  • kool I can deal with a week or 2 not 2 months though as it says on the website lol
    profile 1027 days ago
  • Stuff I've ordered from China normally takes 3-4 days (once dispatched ) to get to the UK. Then takes 1-2 days for it to get through the UK. Unless Royal Mail leave it sitting in the HWDC for a couple of weeks first.
    profile 1027 days ago
  • Bah, DVLA asking for £145 again .... and my organs? Don't they realise I need both of those for buying and playing games?
    profile 1041 days ago
  • Ebay's making me laugh. Ordered from one seller based in Hong Kong who say's he's in Hong Kong, took 4 days to get that package. Ordered from another Hong Kong seller the same day who says items are in a warehouse in London, 6 days later that parcel has just been handed over to Royal Mail.
    profile 1044 days ago
  • Just bought Hyrule Warriors Legends (3ds) and Tales of Xillia collection (ps3) from simplygames.com for £12 each. Never bought from them before, seems like a decent price, but don't know what the service is like.
    profile 1050 days ago
  • Finally got around to playing Yakuza 5. Spent more time driving taxis, punching bears and having dance off's than doing anything yakuza like...
    profile 1064 days ago
  • Anyone picked up TMNT: Mutants in Manhatten and have an opinion? Review scores seem quite low but I haven't trusted reviews in years.
    profile 1115 days ago
  • I liked the fact that MGS was slow. My favourite Boss fight was probably "The End" in MGS3 where you could wait for him to die from old age. That said there is sometimes far too much talking when I'd rather be playing. I never understood why so many people thought MGS2 was the best one, it just seemed very bland to me.
    profile 1115 days ago
  • N64 turns on and displays a black screen. Been years since I've used an N64 so I'm assuming that's good and it has no start up screen. Just need a game and controller to test it properly now.
    profile 1122 days ago
  • Found an N64 in a skip today. It's been sitting in a garage for years and I've been told it doesn't output a signal. Gonna give it a clean and try my extra cables and see what happens.
    profile 1122 days ago
  • profile 1140 days ago

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