Aegelis's friends


Just waiting for one more game and I shall have the Megadrive/32x Collection I had back in the day.


Can anyone recommend me some good SNES games to get, that have good replay value, but is not too expensive? :-)


I take it that uploading photos hasn't been fixed yet?


Just signed up! Love retro video games!!


Hi peeps, I've asked this before but didn't get much of a response. I had to get rid of my lovely Sony CRT tv to make room for a baby. I now only have my 55 inch sony TV to play all my games on, so I'm looking for an upscaler to help with picture quality. Ideally I need something that will do RGB scart and something that will do s-video, if i need 2 upscalers then so be it. Continues in comments


Got 2 PS2 TV's that are taking up room and need to get shifted, Going to post on the board in a little while if anyone is intrested


Good to be back on RetroCollect, it's been too long.


It's been a while since I've messaged here. Feels very empty, no offense. Still happy that the site is still around.


Been offline for few weeks, so I forgot to post this. Bought Balloon fight(nes) and Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon(n64) for 50€. Had a voucher to the store, so the price didn't hurt :D


I got:
-SNES + 2 pads + cables
-Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold
-Pokemon LEaf Green, Emerald
-Pokemin Pinball Ruby+Sapphire
-Some You-Gi-oh game
For... 24 eur :P
Best deal of my life


Yo I haven't been on here in ages. How's everyone been? I'm going to have a massive clearout and basically start my game collection (old and new) from scratch, just because having a massive backlog like this is making it really hard to enjoy any games. Looking into PAL SNES collecting, along with WonderSwan and Neo Geo Pocket stuff!


On Sunday I'll be selling a lot of games at the London Gaming Market. Looking forward to seeing any RetroCollect users there. :D


Sad to see my Virtual Boy go today. Decided that seeing as I've only played it a few times in 5 years, time was up on it, and some lovely DC stuff can replace it.


I really want to get into Japanese imports and I love horror games. Therefore, are there any horror games that are exclusive to Japan for the PS1???


Free Steam Key for Spec Ops: The Line = VMMBQ-N3HVV-L3TN0


My boss told me today that he has a boxed original Gameboy and a load of games. (He doesn't collect and has no knowledge of value etc........


Stoked! I found this unnamed store here in Manila, Philippines and I managed to pick up over 25 Famicom games for my Famicom system back home! Best part is I got all 25 Famicom Carts for less than 1000PHP ($20)!!

Can't wait to eventually get home and play them! I'll post pictures soon. The internet here in the Philippines is terrible and it took roughly 15 minutes for RetroCollect to load.. haha


Retro game collector for the following systems: NES, SNES, Game Boy, SMS and Turbo Grafx 16.
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