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I'm a Christian biochemist who enjoys online gaming, retro-gaming, coin collecting, wushu, yard saling, movies, antique postcard collecting, theatre, comics and local trading.

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If you're in the hunt for "Miss Spider's Tea Party" simply because you don't have it yet, it's time to admit you have a problem.
- 5 years ago
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  • 08 January 2014
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  • If you're in the hunt for "Miss Spider's Tea Party" simply because you don't have it yet, it's time to admit you have a problem.
    profile 1660 days ago
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  • Aegelis added a new photo in Good Humour album
    • aXbox
    photos 1697 days ago
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  • Found Laser Gates for Atari 2600, Champions of Norrath (PS2) and Champions Return to Arms for $4 each, what what?! Today was a good day.
    profile 1700 days ago
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  • After filling up my 4th memory card on PS2, it has finally occurred to me, "Maybe I should freakin' finish one of the games I've started!"
    profile 1707 days ago
  • Wife laughing at me not able to make this double wall-jump thing on Metroid Fusion. Good tension breaker, love her.
    profile 1712 days ago
  • Ironically, "Oblivion" also describes the current state of my XBox 360.
    profile 1714 days ago
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  • Occasionally when everyone is out of the house and I'm all alone, I play viva pinata. Is that the kind of confession your after?
    profile 1717 days ago
  • We all have our moments where we play/like something we're ashamed to admit or aren't proud of what we did for a game. What's your "video game confession"?
    profile 1717 days ago
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  • Super Sprint on NES is actually pretty decent now that TV's have gotten bigger X-D. Have you found any games much more playable now on the bigger screens?
    profile 1719 days ago
  • For racing games, do you prefer direction pad or analog stick? Any reason why?
    profile 1721 days ago
  • Are you still collecting caps? / Are you on Facebook by any chance? I could probably do another trade if you were up for it.
    profile 1721 days ago
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  • Watching 'kid' who is 18 now re-discover Spyro Year of the Dragon. It's been 10 years and she knows every level, special and secret passage like she just got done playing it yesterday.
    profile 1723 days ago
  • Name a game you recently caught yourself dreaming about while somewhere else and where it was when you were thinking about it (school, work, etc).
    profile 1724 days ago
  • That's the one (Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars), it reminds me of Space Quest/King's Quest/Kingdom O' Magic, so I'm looking forward to getting deeper into it to see if it is the hidden gem that it appears to be.
    profile 1724 days ago
  • Haha, I'm sure I had a demo of that game, is that with the clown? I loved it to bits, never got around to playing it..... Your message on here has made me hunt it down on eBay and buy it, I will play broken sword now thanks to you!
    profile 1724 days ago
  • From the game Broken Sword (Playstation): Scene is outside a Parisian cafe' when an explosion goes off inside. Police show up and find you.
    "Stop right there, don't move!"
    "I'm innocent! I'm an American!"
    "Can't make up your mind, huh?"
    profile 1724 days ago
  • TES Morrowind, Look at the Khajiit walk. It's hilarious :)
    profile 1725 days ago
  • Name a game you find hilarious that wasn't intended to be funny.
    profile 1725 days ago
  • I bought Everquest Online Adventures for PS2. Why did I buy it? Because it was $1? Because I've already given Sony so much time and money from my EQ days already that I felt I had to? I just bought a game I'll never be able play...I need help...
    profile 1730 days ago
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  • Can you name an auction that you were glad you were outbid on?
    profile 1732 days ago
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  • Anyone else used to watch Starcade? Game show where to players face off to win an arcade game from the 80's. Getting addicted to the show many years later again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFdzSex9kDM
    profile 1736 days ago
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  • Name a game you would've bought no matter how much it would've cost.
    profile 1748 days ago
  • Name a game you thought would be total garbage but turned out to be fantastic.
    profile 1751 days ago
  • Name the first game that gave you the feeling of being airborne.
    profile 1752 days ago
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  • Comment on the photo Loose carts
    • I really enjoyed Section Z, still in the hunt for it.
    photos 1755 days ago
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  • You get buyers?
    profile 1755 days ago
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  • To echo previous sentiments, I do my best to play by the rules, showing up at the start time at the earliest, not hassling, being kind and courteous and most of all, having fun. On price, if it's too much, I'll admit it's out of my price range, if it's super dirt cheap I may offer a little more. At the end of the day, I have to live with myself and always sleep well because of it.
    profile 1756 days ago
    • It's the tower of power!
    photos 1756 days ago
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  • Mole Mania on Gameboy
    profile 1757 days ago
  • What to do you think is the best underrated (hidden gem) game ever made?
    profile 1757 days ago
  • My student loans, mortgage and car say I'm poor, but my game collection says I'm wealthy. My "retirement plan" is all set, without all those stocks and bonds investments.
    profile 1757 days ago
  • Comment on the photo IMG_5850
    • I really like this game, especially variant 7 where you can move all around the screen. Online everyone bashes it, but I think it's a hidden gem of a
    photos 1758 days ago
  • Comment on the photo aTater
    • Final level looks like this with runs of hemidemisemiquavers playing.
    photos 1761 days ago
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  • Played Sword of Sodan on Genesis emulator last night. I almost bought it at the store but thought I'd try it out first. *phew* Nice save...
    profile 1767 days ago
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  • Comment on the photo Picture 1
    • There's something magical about the Atari 2600, can't quite pin down what it is but still find a lot of fun out of those games.
    photos 1772 days ago
  • Aegelis added a new photo in Curiosities album
    • Found at a thrift store, paid 75 cents (0.44 British Pound Sterling).  High gloss laminated poster 16 inches by 24 inches
    Stuff I don't see often but found, got a great deal and brought home.
    Delaware, USA View larger map
    photos 1779 days ago View location
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  • What was the craziest thing you've had to do to get a game?
    profile 1781 days ago
  • Finally beat Castlevania. Only took me 25 years and save states.
    profile 1781 days ago
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  • To answer your question on which games got me hooked on gaming, despite having played a few systems prior, it was Duck Hunt on the NES that really helped push me truly into gaming. To this day, I have something of a nostalgic fondness for it because of this.
    profile 1783 days ago
  • Reach back into your earliest gaming memory. Which game(s) got you hooked on video gaming? It can be console, arcade, etc.
    profile 1783 days ago
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  • Street Fighter II, never heard of the NES version before I played SF2, apparently it was a bag of manfarts.
    profile 1786 days ago
  • Would you play a sequel (for whatever reason) before playing the previous game? Why or why not?
    profile 1786 days ago
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  • I was really getting into the american old west theme of the NES game GunSmoke...until stage 4. Ninjas? Really? How'd THAT happen?
    profile 1790 days ago
  • Parcel finally in the post. Looks like it has been tampered with (brown tape) because I've added a few more since I packaged it up.
    profile 1791 days ago
  • super jealous about your Retron 5. I think I'll be waiting a while to see mine come in
    profile 1791 days ago
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  • Hi might be getting a nes and I just wondered if you have ever had to clean/replace the 72 pin connector because I've heard that over time it will stop working due to that reason . Thanks :)
    profile 1798 days ago
  • Comment on the photo DSC01588
    • Their banana bread beer tastes exactly like banana bread, then it turns into a straight up beer taste. Odd but good. A bit pricey here though for a
    photos 1798 days ago
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  • Black Retron 5 showed up today from my September 2013 pre-order through Amazon (Delaware, USA). I hope this means that everyone who hasn't received one yet will be getting theirs soon. Plays great! I'm sure the gamer-purest may have issue with it, but I'm having fun.
    profile 1801 days ago
  • Resident Evil Gaiden for the Gameboy Color paid full price 30 quid on release and played thought it was total garbage
    profile 1801 days ago
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  • Which game was your most expensive disappointment? (you can list a few if more than one)
    profile 1802 days ago
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  • Good point. Many arcade games seem to only have coin-munching in mind.
    profile 1804 days ago
  • Any really, as it's way cheaper to play on a home console... :)
    profile 1804 days ago
  • Name a game you thought was better on home console than the arcade version.
    profile 1804 days ago
  • Call of duty, my friends somewhat lack any form of taste whatsoever, quote "CoD is so much better than mario 64" oh my.
    profile 1804 days ago
  • Name a game that your friends really like but you cannot stand (especially if they pull you into playing).
    profile 1805 days ago
  • 4 Atari games for $4 (2.38 pounds): Carnival, Freeway, Raft Rider and Tunnel Runner. All play great!
    profile 1806 days ago
  • The caps arrived! They look great! I'll get some over to you.
    profile 1807 days ago
  • Name a game that you really like but your friends or other gamers can't stand.
    profile 1808 days ago
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  • Name some games you dreamt you were in.
    profile 1811 days ago
  • Rock of ages...
    profile 1814 days ago
  • Name a game where you thought to yourself at least once, "What is it that I'm looking at here?"
    profile 1814 days ago
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  • Murphy's Law of Collecting: If you want it, it's rare, too expensive, or torn to shreds.
    profile 1815 days ago
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  • Hooray for mums! True story, I was cleaning out my parent's shed about a year ago and saw a box that said "Atari". I asked if she kept it from when I was a kid, she said "you're the one who played it, I'm sure it's yours". Opened up, Atari 2600 Jr. with controllers and games. Plugged in, fired up, bliss!
    profile 1816 days ago
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  • Regarding bulk or piece by piece, it really depends on how quickly you want it to move and how much you need the money. If you're in no hurry and want the most money, piece by piece. If you want to get it gone and don't mind helping out a collector by discounting, sell bulk.
    profile 1819 days ago
  • Picked up Gungriffon Blaze at a yard sale for $1. Surprised to get into it so quickly after learning the controls.
    profile 1821 days ago
  • This hobby is making me poor. I'mma go back to collecting postcards.
    profile 1821 days ago
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  • Sounds like an excellent friend.
    profile 1830 days ago
  • My motto for Final Fantasy X: "Because the rest of life doesn't really matter anyway". Why do I always go for these kinds of epics? >_
    profile 1833 days ago
  • Up too late unlocking stuff on Hot Shots Fore! again. I think it's the only golf game I played for any length of time, so addictive to me.
    profile 1834 days ago
  • The cheapest consoles I've found so far are Sega Genesis/Megadrive and Playstation 2. For games, the PS2 and Atari 2600 have the cheapest I've found.
    profile 1834 days ago
  • Picked up an Xbox 360 for the first time, watching daughter pwn Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2. "Where did you learn how to play like that?" "Arcade at the movie theatre". Proud father, worth every penny.
    profile 1835 days ago
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  • Ever go through a really long game update that after it was done, you were no longer in the mood to play it?
    profile 1837 days ago
  • Ever feel too tired from work to play a video game? Me neither.
    profile 1838 days ago
  • Star Wars The Old Republic double experience weekend...so if anyone is looking for me, you'll know where to find me X-D
    profile 1843 days ago
  • Comment on the photo Tempo JR
    • These days I'm looking for games that are 'too easy' because I jus' don' have tha' kindah time :-D
    photos 1843 days ago
  • Played Vanguard on MAME, then Vanguard on Atari. Though I was a huge fan of the arcade, I've come to like the Atari for it's constant shooting, invincibility meter, continue option, etc.
    profile 1845 days ago
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  • Comment on the photo image
    • Great 2-player co-op
    photos 1846 days ago
  • Comment on the photo image
    • Addictive fun.
    photos 1846 days ago
  • Comment on the photo image
    • Still looking for a decent copy, all the ones I've found look like they've been hit by a truck.
    photos 1846 days ago
  • Comment on the photo image
    • One of my favourites for the system.
    photos 1846 days ago
  • Comment on the photo image
    • Surprisingly fun port. Not like the arcade, but stands on it's own.
    photos 1846 days ago
  • Comment on the photo image
    • Classic, because electronics and wood go together like peanut butter and jelly.
    photos 1846 days ago
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  • Almost forgot, I also have a variety of coins too. Nothing excitingly rare or expensive, but if you like diversity I could send some extras.
    albums 1848 days ago
  • So what does it mean when you're buying DS games off of your teen daughter? >_>
    profile 1849 days ago
  • nice to meet you. ^_^
    profile 1850 days ago
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  • My Royal Mail story: I'm in the U.S. and joined http://www.postcrossing.com/ to send and receive postcards from all over the world. Got one from France in 4 days, Russia in 5, sent to Germany in 4, having a great time. Two months from the sent date, I received a postcard from England. 2 months for a postcard? Rilly? :-O
    profile 1850 days ago
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  • Since you're not likely to live in my area, I can share my 'trade secrets'. Yard sales, charity/thrift stores, and look for 'scratch and dent' bins or other liquidations at local retro shops. Push comes to shove, there's always eBay.
    profile 1851 days ago
    • If anyone discovers you have the case Mr. Hunt, or should any member of your team be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge of you
    photos 1851 days ago
  • Comment on the photo DSC01841
    • ¡Fantástico!
    photos 1852 days ago
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  • Reminds me of when my wife used to work at the jewelry store. It seemed like she didn't come home with a paycheck, but look at the shinies she got! *_*
    profile 1854 days ago
  • Comment on the photo Famicom Before-After
    • Good deal. I was wondering how the other colours weren't affected.
    photos 1854 days ago
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  • Comment on the photo Metroid Fusion
    • Good game, having fun playing that one presently.
    photos 1855 days ago
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  • I agree on the Castlevania bit. I prefer it on emulator because of the save states and will even more on Retron 5 when...er...if it ever comes out.
    profile 1856 days ago
  • Post a comment/reply about a great bargain that you stupidly walked away from.
    profile 1856 days ago
  • Please help this gentleman 'save Christmas' in his Retron 5 wait. His heartfelt plea is found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43TPL6DBG4s
    profile 1856 days ago
  • I believe it's our civic duty to not pony up cash towards overpriced goods.
    profile 1858 days ago
  • Name the most annoyingly repetitive in-game music you can think of.
    profile 1859 days ago
  • friends Aegelis and BuckoA51 are now friends
  • Another franchise ruined by F2P greed :(
    profile 1862 days ago
  • Fantastic promo for Plants vs. Zombies 2 It's About Time
    profile 1862 days ago
  • It could be a console that Microsoft banned from the net....
    profile 1862 days ago
  • 4. Extract $Systemupdate and put it into root of a pendrive formatted in fat32 or a CD

    5. Turn off the console and plug the pendrive or insert the CD

    6. Turn on the console and wait

    7. Enjoy!

    taken from http://www.fixya.com/support/t11638370-status_code_23ef_351f_2800_0f00_c000
    profile 1863 days ago
  • 1. Anote second hex data 23EF-3151-2380-0700-C000-0034 and go to http://easycalculation.com/hex-converter.php

    2. Convert it to decimal and get the update number:
    Hex: 3151 - Decimal: 12625 Update

    3. Go to http://dl.console.se/index.php?dir=Xbox360/uppdateringar/ and seek the correct update. Download it.
    (if not try to locate it on google)
    profile 1863 days ago
  • Connect it to the internet via a Ethernet cable and try again, whats the error code?
    profile 1863 days ago
  • Hi Retro techies, I just picked up my first working XBox 360 at a yard sale, fired it up but have this message that says "Can't Process the Update" as an error. Anyone know a way around? I'm using a PS2 controller with adapter and button mashing doesn't seem to help.
    profile 1863 days ago
  • Finally got a replacement for my no-matter-what-not-going-to-work Champions of Norrath PS2 game for $12. Now the wifey and I can finally pick up where we left off like ten years ago. Better late than never?
    profile 1863 days ago
  • Really getting into GBA Two Towers, didn't expect much, but turns out to be quite addictive.
    profile 1864 days ago
  • Any other retro gamers out there who do not feel the need to beat a game?
    profile 1865 days ago
  • Comment on the photo Iron Sword
    • Oh the hours I spent on that back in the day.
    photos 1865 days ago
  • 2 for $1 working pick-ups. PS2: Finding Nemo, Cars, Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury, Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure. PS: Action Bass, Saltwater Sportfishing. At these prices, there's no such thing as a 'bad game'.
    profile 1866 days ago
  • Dreamcast. I use the PS2 controller. An xbox adapter might be nice though...
    profile 1868 days ago
  • Name some systems where you use a different controller than the one that comes with it.
    profile 1868 days ago
  • Logged recent pick-ups for XBox: Tony Hawk's Underground, Top Spin/NCAA Football 2005, Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2, Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4. Feel free to leave comments whether positive or snarky.
    profile 1868 days ago
  • Comment on the photo IMG_5290
    • Such a smart move for NES to put this as the pack-in. Hours of fun that implied all Nintendo games were great.
    photos 1873 days ago
  • Picked up Reactor and Defender for Atari 2600. Forgot how much fun Reactor was. Defender wasn't nearly as bad as everyone says. Graphics may be weak, but more playable than other versions.
    profile 1873 days ago
  • I've a Greene King cap with your name on it.
    profile 1875 days ago
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  • Air-Sea Battle, Astroblast, Atlantis, Berzerk, Boxing, Centipede, Copper Command, Cosmic Ark, Demon Attack, Enduro, Fishing Derby, Frogger, Frogs and Flies, Galaxian, Haunted House, Infiltrate, Joust, Jungle Hunt, Keystone Kapers, Kung-Fu Master, Laser Blast, M*A*S*H, Missle Command, Mouse Trap, Ms. Pac-Man, Outlaw, Pitfall!, River Raid, Sea Quest, Snoopy and the Red Baron, Space Invaders
    profile 1876 days ago
  • Space Jockey, Spitfire Attack, Stampede, Star Voyager, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Subterranea, Super Breakout, Vangard, Warlords, Warplock, Wizard of Wor, Yar's Revenge.
    profile 1876 days ago
  • Scored on the local gaming store's "as is" bin. This lot of 43 games cost me $22. I usually find 90% work fine. On to cleaning and testing.
    profile 1877 days ago
  • Comment on the photo DSC01478
    • Great in the summertime for barbeque, picnic or beach.
    photos 1878 days ago
  • Comment on the photo DSC01781
    • An underrated brew in my opinion.
    photos 1878 days ago
  • Yard Sale season coming up soon! /giddy
    profile 1878 days ago
  • Hey all, anyone have a Pal to NTSC or NTSC to Pal converter? If so, does it work well?
    profile 1881 days ago
  • Gaming magazine "Retro Gamer" states when something is 2 generations old, so with current new systems on sale the PS2, XBOX and GC are considered retro...
    profile 1881 days ago
  • When does a game/system become considered retro?
    profile 1881 days ago
  • At Gamer Doc, the Atari 2600 games were unmarked. I asked how much, the cashier said 2 for $1 so I picked up an armload. Went in again yesterday and they were tagged between $4 - $5 each. Can't tell whether the cashier misquoted last time or I am the cause of inflation.
    profile 1882 days ago
  • friends Aegelis and Stormborn are now friends
  • It always starts with just one, that's how they get ya.
    profile 1882 days ago
  • In the super-cheap hunt, got PS2 games Crazy Taxi and A Series of Unfortunate Events.
    profile 1882 days ago
  • Yesterday's pick-ups X-Box: Incredibles, Samurai Warriors. PS2: X3: The Official Game, We Love Katamari, Rebel Raiders, The Hobbit, Madden 07. PS: Casper
    profile 1883 days ago
  • friends Aegelis and acidburn are now friends
  • Yard Sale season coming soon. Last year I picked up an NES with 4 games (including Super Mario 3) for $15, a Genesis model 1 with Streets of Rage 2 for $5, and a Game Gear (no external speaker) with 2 games for $4. Looking forward to what this year will bring.
    profile 1886 days ago
  • friends ThePixelatedPast and Aegelis are now friends
  • I think I sit some place in between. A lot of stuff I like the look of and buy, just end up sitting on my shelf, not really with the intention of collecting but just sort of happens. With other stuff like megadrive, I go out to get the games I once had as a kid, more of a nostalgia/memories sort of thing. I collect other stuff, transformers (or some what lesser now) and batman/DC and marvel stuff.
    profile 1888 days ago
  • friends Aegelis and JustinSane are now friends
  • I'm a gamer who accidentally stumbles into a collectable on rare occasion. The difference as I see it is that collectors are this wild breed of hunters who know how many copies were produced, the biography of the programmer of the game, and have the willpower to fly (or even swim) overseas to chase down that alternate label that was featured in a gaming magazine some twenty-some years ago.
    profile 1888 days ago
  • Arggh! Starvation in Dragon Crystal (Game Gear), why?!
    profile 1894 days ago
  • Got Rygar on NES. /happydance, but this game is hard...c'mon Retron 5!
    profile 1894 days ago
  • haha yea know what you mean, crazy taxi, im lookin for that at the minute, found one in a charity shop and it was scratched to shit,.. found it hard forcing myself not to buy it
    you collect much ps2 stuff?
    profile 1895 days ago
  • My non-working disks are PS2: Total Eclipse, Iridium Runners, Madden NFL whocareswhichyeartheyareallthesame. XBox: Crazy Taxi, Disney Cars. Biggest regret was throwing out Champions of Norrath because after 2 professional cleanings it wouldn't go, can't help but think there must've been SOME way.
    profile 1895 days ago
  • friends seanb and Aegelis are now friends
  • what disc wont work for ya?

    I have a resi 1 disc that stops working when I try to open a certain door... tried toothpaste with no result....
    profile 1895 days ago
  • Teenage Mutant "Hero" Turtles? Being in the U.S. I didn't know the ninjas fell under sensorship http://nowiknow.com/ninjas-need-not-apply/
    profile 1895 days ago
  • Spent hours trying to fix a broken capacitor in my nes!
    profile 1895 days ago
  • Great avatar :-D
    profile 1896 days ago
  • What's the most you've ever done trying to get a game to work?
    profile 1896 days ago
  • friends Aegelis and SmallKing are now friends
  • Scratched disks that do not work. Do you bother?
    profile 1897 days ago

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