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$5 Buck Dennis

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$5 Buck Dennis

sorry i havent been on in awhile. lots of personal and financial
crap been going down. but i think im back.
- 3 years ago
  • Member since
  • 11 April 2016
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  • 3 years ago
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  • i recently got 30140 on ms pacman :D
    profile 1214 days ago
  • I have the game too :) haha, what a stupid iPad, it always misspells things.nanyway I was looking for the actual Xbox 360 gears of war themed console, as it looks cool. I figured out instead of getting a new hard drive, I might as well get a new variant of Xbox 360 console :)
    profile 1222 days ago
  • fears of war? lol jk, i knew what you ment bro :) in fact i have a copy of that game. i really wish i could give it to you bro, but i live pretty far from where you are. but hopefully you can get a copy, its not that hard to find the first one. :D
    profile 1222 days ago
  • in may, ill be traveling. maybe ill be able to find better deals on games. well it wont really be the focus. ill be working with someone there most of the time. but who knows :) wish me luck :D
    profile 1222 days ago
  • friends Rambo and $5 Buck Dennis are now friends
  • i checked out this game online called "gubble" for PS1. now thinking about it. i really want to play it. but now i gotta get a PS1. some people would call me unreasonable. i call myself...uh...nvm. lol
    profile 1226 days ago
  • friends ps1mad247 and $5 Buck Dennis are now friends
  • hey guys, im pretty bored right now. im the kind of person who like talking about retro gaming. but i dont that many friends to chat with. maybe give me a skype contact and we can talk stuff and what not. if thats fine? :D
    profile 1226 days ago
  • friends $5 Buck Dennis and Reaper64 are now friends
  • friends $5 Buck Dennis and KoolioMcB are now friends
  • Just remember be patient don't burn out your finances quick time, a lot of new collectors seem to do this and end up selling a lot when the money pot has dried up. In my experience patience pays off because is you play it Koolio you end up finding stuff cheaper than you would of thought
    profile 1228 days ago
  • been working on my game room. not that much in it but hope to get more stuff soon.
    profile 1228 days ago
  • been playing alot of ms pacman today. the highest i could get was 20000 around. not the best but maybe ill get better as time flies. :)
    profile 1229 days ago
  • We're a nice bunch of folks here, good to have you!
    profile 1229 days ago
  • im really enjoying this website, because its giving me a different feeling of joy and experience then youtube would ever give me. even if i just started and barely anyone knows me. i feel very welcome :D
    profile 1229 days ago
  • i really like to own an Atari 2600. hopefully ill find one sometime soon. :)
    profile 1229 days ago
  • Hi, welcome to the site. There's been a surge in the number of US users recently, how did you find the site?
    profile 1229 days ago
  • finally, a website about something i enjoy alot. Retro games and more. This is gonna be great!
    profile 1230 days ago

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