Top 5 Nintendo Game Boy Advance Racing Games

Top-5-Nintendo-Game-Boy-Advance-Racing-GamesDespite being phased out for it’s newer counterpart the Nintendo DS, the Game Boy Advance still offers it’s fair share of enjoyable titles. While many will discuss the role playing games and platformers, RetroCollect has decided to take a closer look into the best GBA racers around.

The almost dubbed 'Portable SNES' Game Boy Advance had more than enough power bundled inside it's tiny interior to offer it's fair selection of impressive releases. With a selection of 906 Game Boy Advance games released in PAL regions, there is more than enough to be choosing from.

Out of that incredible number of releases, we will focus on 5 of the must have Game Boy Advance racers.

F-Zero Maximum Velocity

F-Zero-Maximum-Velocity-Screenshot-1 F-Zero-Maximum-Velocity-Screenshot-2 F-Zero-Maximum-Velocity-Screenshot-3 F-Zero-Maximum-Velocity-Screenshot-4 F-Zero-Maximum-Velocity-Screenshot-5 F-Zero-Maximum-Velocity-Screenshot-6 F-Zero-Maximum-Velocity-Screenshot-7 F-Zero-Maximum-Velocity-Screenshot-8

Launch titles are often used as a way into new game system, often showcasing what the system can do at a minimum with little effort. F-Zero Maximum Velocity did quite the opposite of this by providing an immersive 3D racer both living up to it’s series name and setting a rather high standard for racers to come.

Following on from the Nintendo 64’s F-Zero X, the Game Boy Advance outing three years later stepped back to the roots of the series into the faux 3D world of Mode 7. The launch title was already showing off with fully rotating sprites and scenery which was only enhanced by the classic gameplay you’d expect from the F-Zero series.

While Maximum Velocity doesn't get the respect it deserves, it’s without a doubt (alongside it’s sequel on the Game Boy Advance; F-Zero: GP Legend) one of the most enjoyable games in the series and true to it’s retro origins on the Super Nintendo.

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Penny Racers / Choro Q Advance

Gadget-Racers-Screenshot-1 Gadget-Racers-Screenshot-2 Gadget-Racers-Screenshot-3 Gadget-Racers-Screenshot-4 Gadget-Racers-Screenshot-5 Gadget-Racers-Screenshot-6 Gadget-Racers-Screenshot-7 Gadget-Racers-Screenshot-8

This unlikely candidate for a top list of racing games does very little to make itself heard. You may already be more than familiar with the other names this series comes under... ‘Road Trip Adventure and/or Gadget Racers’ should ring a bell as the budget Sony PlayStation 2 releases seen cluttering the shelves of Computer Exchange and Gamestation. As a bit of a wake up call, the next time you see any of these games (which in fact are all the Japanese series Choro-Q under many tried and failed aliases) you should do yourself a favour and pick them up. The Game Boy Advance ones included!

If you were to take away the entire macho feel of Gran Turismo, shrink the cars down until they could be described as cute, while maintaining the customisation and upgrading found in Gran Turismo, you’d be left with Penny Racers! Starting out with nothing but a bare bones super mini, it’s up to you to participate in various courses in hope of earning cash for upgrades.

Penny Racers starts off as quite a slow game and can find many players getting frustrated within a few minutes with the lack of challenge. However those who stick with it are soon rewarded by the deep level of gameplay which emerges shortly after the initial drive. Before you know it, you’ll be battling away in hope of earning enough cash just to keep up to that unfairly tuned engine up ahead.

And let it be known that this one of the few racers around where a garbage disposal truck can be selected to race.

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Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario-Kart-Super-Circuit-Screenshot-1 Mario-Kart-Super-Circuit-Screenshot-2 Mario-Kart-Super-Circuit-Screenshot-3 Mario-Kart-Super-Circuit-Screenshot-4 Mario-Kart-Super-Circuit-Screenshot-5 Mario-Kart-Super-Circuit-Screenshot-6 Mario-Kart-Super-Circuit-Screenshot-7 Mario-Kart-Super-Circuit-Screenshot-8

Let’s face it, this top list would not be complete without the addition of a Mario Kart game.

Arriving on the Game Boy Advance just a few months after launch, Mario Kart fever exploded once more as the series took a similar approach to F-Zero. Revisiting the undeniably good Mode 7 technique first made popular on the Super Nintendo, Mario was back once in what is possibly his best portable karting game to date.

Sadly the European and American releases of Mario Kart: Super Circuit came with less features bundled in than the original Japanese release. In a time before broadband and online gaming, Nintendo brought along their mobile phone multiplayer option which was known as the Mobile System GB. Allowing you to connect your Game Boy Advance up to your mobile phone and dial your friends for a challenge, Mario Kart: Super Circuit was years ahead of it’s time. Gamers elsewhere would have to settle for the (although impressive for it’s time) 4 player link up via link cables.

Features aside, Mario Kart: Super Circuit has everything you’d expect from a game in the series with the added advantage of portability. With it’s selection of shells, stars and bananas, this is one Game Boy Advance game which should be in every gamers collection.

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Konami Krazy Racers / Konami Wai Wai Racing

Konami-Krazy-Racers-Screenshot-1 Konami-Krazy-Racers-Screenshot-2 Konami-Krazy-Racers-Screenshot-3 Konami-Krazy-Racers-Screenshot-4 Konami-Krazy-Racers-Screenshot-5 Konami-Krazy-Racers-Screenshot-6 Konami-Krazy-Racers-Screenshot-7 Konami-Krazy-Racers-Screenshot-8

Step aside Mario! We've seen Sega attempt to join in on the Go Kart action with Sonic Drift Racing, Squaresoft with Chocobo Racing, Hudson with Bomberman Fantasy Race and even Capcom with Mega Man Battle & Chase... But what about Konami?

Enter Konami Krazy Racers! Yet another near launch release for the Gameboy Advance adding to the standards of racing games yet to come. As Nintendo and even the companies mentioned above have shown, adding Go Karts to their biggest brands and characters always results in an enjoyable outing. Konami Krazy Racers is no different however should be noted that it gives Mario Kart: Super Circuit a run for it’s money.

Taking characters from the Goemon, Castlevania, Parodius and even the Metal Gear series, Konami Krazy Racers is nothing short of a celebration of the work Konami has created over the years. Featuring similar track designs as seen on Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo, this portable racer from Konami is nothing short than an enjoyable (yet challenging) addition to the Game Boy Advance library.

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Racing Gears Advance

Racing-Gears-Advance-Screenshot-1 Racing-Gears-Advance-Screenshot-2 Racing-Gears-Advance-Screenshot-3 Racing-Gears-Advance-Screenshot-4 Racing-Gears-Advance-Screenshot-5 Racing-Gears-Advance-Screenshot-6 Racing-Gears-Advance-Screenshot-7 Racing-Gears-Advance-Screenshot-8

Last but not least in one of the most impressive racers to ever grace the Game Boy Advance, yet one that remains almost unheard of. Released in 2004, Racing Gears Advance could almost be described as a more mature Micro Machines. Anyone who grew up with the classic from Codemasters would feel right at home with this more recent release from Orbital Media.

Taking your tried and tested formula of top down racing, Racing Gears Advance decided to spice things up a little. Not only was there a selection of real life cars on offer, they were accompanied by weaponry more commonly seen in the likes of Mario Kart. To add to this, a cash and upgrades system was also thrown into the mix creating an addictive and challenging array of unpredictable racing.

Racing Gears Advance still doesn't get the praise it deserves today despite receiving very high scores upon release. And to add to that lack of praise, it also seems rather hard to track down too. Nevertheless another essential addition to any Game Boy Advance collection.

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+1 (Link to this comment) 3rdman 2011-03-16 23:15
Hotwheels Lego racers, which seem to be a game that's awesome, but not on anyone's radar. It's quite fun, and really beautiful. It's built with a 3-D engine that makes the whole thing look like starfox. Rare feat on the GBA.
(Link to this comment) chocklo 2011-03-17 14:04
Maniac Racers as well for the sheer fun factor. I know this article is for GBA games but I've recently taken a shine to some brilliant GBC racers that I missed first time round. I love top down racers and the likes of Woody Woodpecker Racing and Mickeys Speedway USA are really solid.
(Link to this comment) hydr0x 2011-03-17 14:52
Madness, no V-Rally 3? ;-)

(Link to this comment) 3rdman 2011-03-19 00:56
I just realized that there are about 4 or 5 lego racers for the GBA, I meant Lego Drome Racers.
(Link to this comment) FamiDude 2011-03-23 00:02
My GOD! That Lego game looks terrible.

Surprised there's no love for Advance GT 2!

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