Retro Gaming Shops - Level Up! (Quiggins, Liverpool)

Retro-Gaming-Shops-Level-Up-Quiggins-LiverpoolAs the RetroCollect Squad continues to search the United Kingdom for retro gaming specialists, we were pleased to stumble upon a well stocked classic game shop situated in the heart of Liverpool. In the basement of Merseyside's quirky alternative shopping centre, Quiggins, Level Up! held plenty of reason to venture down.

Upon arriving at Level Up! we were greeted by a locked door and a sign saying 'Back in 5 minutes, gone to rescue the princess'. While we didn't have to wait too long to venture inside, the allure of countless retro games behind glass made the wait feel twice as long. A quick glance through the shop's exterior showcased various boxed consoles, shelves upon shelves of games spanning multiple platforms and even a rather interesting 'bargain bucket'.

The wait, however, was worth it. If the various price stickers on the shop's stock wasn't enough to suggest that there were bargains to be had, the staff at Level Up! were quick to inform us that they often opted to beat the frustrating prices found on eBay from time to time. This statement was soon proved true by one of their rarer items on display, a complete in box Action Replay cheat cartridge for the Sega Mega Drive, priced up at just £19.99 compared to eBay's asking price of around £25 and upwards.

Elsewhere around the shop were the regular appearances from the Sega & Nintendo retro games, but the real draw for us was the selection of classic computer software tucked away in the corner. Fans of the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amiga and Amstrad CPC will be happy shoppers in this basement dwelling.

Beside the shop's counter were also several cabinets filled with unboxed cartridges for the majority of Sega and Nintendo consoles. The spines of the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games were delicately labelled up using easy to remove paper spines, a huge bonus compared to the cringe-worthy permanent marker treatment from the Electronics Boutique days.

Guided Tour of Level Up (Retro Game Shop in Liverpool, UK)

Link: RetroCollect's Flickr Gallery of Level Up!

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Last Updated ( 23 September 2012 )  


Better known as Adam offline, Cauterize is one of RetroCollect's final bosses with an unhealthy addiction to pixels. When he's not out searching the web for the latest retro gaming news or creating content for RetroCollect, he'll will most likely be found working on his Sensible Soccer skills.

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(Link to this comment) TwoHeadedBoy 2012-09-23 20:42
I heartily endorse this event and/or product.
(Link to this comment) JoeTheUseless 2012-09-23 20:54
I have been there a fair few times not a bad shop at all :-) has a nice amount of gamecube games something you rarely see these days and a decent amount of MD and MS games definatly worth a look if you're in the city only annoying thing is it was a tad bit difficult to find first time round overall definatly worth checking out :-)
+1 (Link to this comment) Russ_Beer 2012-09-25 20:43
Stumbled across?! I pointed this place out to you in the comments of another shop review weeks ago!!

Bout time you went and visited.
(Link to this comment) Tinsair 2012-09-26 00:53
I see a few games I need on them shelves, it's a shame I have no way of getting to Liverpool! :sad:
(Link to this comment) Tyron 2012-09-26 10:28
Why not get them to post it over? I know one in Croydon does that. See if they have a facebook account or accept paypal. Always handy!
(Link to this comment) Sunfury 2012-09-27 14:28
Go there regularly, very good shop, and it got better since it moved to a newer area in Quiggins... Plus Lucy, the owner, is hot! ;-)
(Link to this comment) Russ_Beer 2012-09-27 16:12
She is a nice looking lass, friendly too.

The prices are always just under what you would expect to pay on ebay and other places, but with postal prices being so high on ebay now, its a dandy little place to know!

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