Gabe Swarr's Retro Gaming Memories

Gabe SwarrThis is Gabe Swarr, professional cartoonist. He likes his games, as evidenced here. Let's take a look!

If you've ever continued watching cartoons beyond the year 2000, chances are that you MIGHT, POSSIBLY, AT SOME POINT have seen something of Gabe Swarr's. Remember El Tigre? No? Well, he did that. He also worked for Spümcø, the creators of Ren & Stimpy. Still nothing? Well, if you know your stuff, you know Gabe. He did a fun web-comic for a few years called Big-Pants Mouse (The Pack Rat with the Magic Pants!), and over time this has semi-evolved into Life in the Analog Age, which is sometimes animated, and sometimes not.

Well, in the past few weeks, he's done a couple of gaming-related things that you lot might be interested in. The first of which is this animated trip down memory lane:

The next one was a slightly longer comic strip, recounting the memories of one of his friends. This is also nice:

Single Mom

Those "in the know" might remember/recognise Gabe's artwork from the iAm 8-Bit art movement, to which he contributed many, mainly Mario-related works, which can be found all over Flickr - that wonderful website which for some reason won't let me link to its content. So yeah, Gabe Swarr! Smashing, talented individual. Tell him nice things.

Last Updated ( 16 February 2011 )  


(Link to this comment) RetroBob 2011-02-19 04:23
Very nostalgic and I never had an Atari or Intellivision!

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