Arcade Cabinet Hunt UK: Centre Parcs, Nottinghamshire

ArcadeHuntUKCentreParcsAs RetroCollect continues to hunt down the remaining Arcade machines left in the UK, they're often found in the places you'd least expect. Hiding in the middle of Sherwood Forest, with the Centre Parcs resort lies a tiny but quaint Arcade.

While the arcade itself only holds a small 4 games and a handful of fruit machines, it's nice to catch a glimpse of cabinets still hiding across the country.

The arcade itself is located at the back of the bowling alley in the village square, in quite possibly the most discreet corner of the venue.

So, what machines are deep within the forest?

ChaseHQIIArcadeChase HQ 2 (Taito) - Stand Up Driving Cabinet

Easily the spotlight of the lot, Chase HQ 2 was the reasoning behind this article. A cabinet not often seen in the UK, sitting there in fantastic (unloved) condition.

Chase HQ 2 plays very much like a Cops 'n' Robbers B-Movie, very tongue in cheek and not quite the most advanced racer around. Gameplay focuses more on the fun and dramatic events than realism, requiring you to smash a target car before the timer runs out. Rather faithful to the original Chase HQ game, it's definitely worth a play if you're a fan of the original otherwise there might not be enough here to hold your attention span.

RamboArcadeRambo (Sega) - Stand Up Light Gun Game

Sadly, the power supply feeding Rambo today was turned off. However, having played this game previously in Hollywood Bowl, Leeds, there is something to be said about this cabinet.

Rambo is simply the mindless version of Time Crisis. Frantic shooting and grenade throwing towards of hundreds of men set across various scenarios from the countless Rambo films. Clips from the movies are played between levels as a reward, or just to remind you how macho Rambo really is.

Like Chase HQ 2, Rambo is worth a credit or two should you have a few minutes spare. If I remember correctly, the game isn't too difficult and the fifth level can easily be reached on a single credit.

H2OverdriveArcadeH2Overdrive (Raw Thrill) - Sit Down Racing Cabinet

H2Overdrive is the clearly the arcade love child of Star Wars Racer and Hydro Thunder. Featuring a throttle controlled accelerator, you are in control of an over powered jet ski in surreal locations perfectly carved for water racing.

The game handles rather well and offers a good level of competitive play for those interested in racing their mates. While smashing into your friends and CPU players, you will need to collect as many of the boost power ups left around the course to give you enough juice to stay in front.

PacManBallArcadePac-Man Ball (Namco) - Penny Arcade

I'm often rather cynical of the penny recycling machines. The ones that magnetically pull old ladies towards them and hold tight for hours, often the machines I will steer clear of while hunting down the games. However there is always one that manages to pull in my interest.

Namco really did manage to combine the hardcore gamers with the casual penny feeders with Pac-Man Ball. The game features a Puzzle Bobble style mini game which is activated once a coin falls through one of the few lit up fruit blocks on the back wall.

Should a coin fall through one of these blocks, bubbles of that fruit/colour are thrown into the mini game setting off a chain of events. Should a small bundle of same coloured bubbles touch, they pop off screen and a set number of coins are thrown into the 'real' game to help you recycle win, even more coins.

DancingStageFusionArcadeDancing Stage Fusion (Konami) - 2 Player Cabinet

Surprise surprise, eh? What some might describe as arcade poison, Dancing Stage has invaded the forest of Nottinghamshire.

I think it's safe to say there is little needed to be said about this arcade game.


Arcade Gaming not your thing? Prefer the Nintendo Wii?

WiiLoungeCentreParcsTimes are changing, casual gaming is now seen as a suitable relaxation in the Centre Parcs resort. As advertised in the catalogues, within one of the venues lies a Wii Lounge.

New Super Mario Bros Wii was hooked up in the room and had a small audience surrounding it. It was the only machine on in the room out of the three, but more interestingly in the back corners of the rooms lay empty wall mounts for Nintendo DS units.

Our curiosity remains regarding this room, is it Nintendo advertising their products or the resort offering a gaming lounge?

Next time on Arcade Gaming Hunt, hopefully some more Retro Arcade Cabinets!

Last Updated ( 10 July 2010 )  


Better known as Adam offline, Cauterize is one of RetroCollect's final bosses with an unhealthy addiction to pixels. When he's not out searching the web for the latest retro gaming news or creating content for RetroCollect, he'll will most likely be found working on his Sensible Soccer skills.

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(Link to this comment) TwoHeadedBoy 2010-07-11 01:04
It was either this one, or the other Center Parcs I went to, ten years ago (when it was called "Oasis"). If it was this one, it seems they've got rid of the Savage Quest machine. This makes me sad :sad:
(Link to this comment) Arcturius 2010-07-11 01:43
The Butlins in Minehead used to have a Savage Quest unit, though it's been a while since we were there.
(Link to this comment) TwoHeadedBoy 2010-07-11 22:24
It's a beautiful machine... If ever a Lottery win were to come my way, that's the first thing I'd get - even before a place to put it! Did you ever play it?
(Link to this comment) Arcturius 2010-07-13 12:39
Yup, the gamer in me made me play it, had too really, very simple game but a lot of fun too. Glad I did play it when I saw it too as it was the first and only time I saw a working unit of it anywhere.
Shame the side art was faded on that side, the other side was partially obscured by a Mars Bar vending machine.
(Link to this comment) Maphis 2012-01-02 02:02
Anyone know if that Chase HQ 2 machine is still there? Or any other locations that have one?

(Link to this comment) SixtySixHundred 2016-04-20 01:32
I know this is old, but I'm from Nottingham and we also have a place called Wheelgate. It's a basic theme park type venue, but it has many obscure arcade machines dotted about the place too.
Butlins in Skegness has, (or had a few years ago), an amazing arcade setup including Sega Rally and Daytona machines. I went there for 2 weeks one year and I swear I never left that arcade!

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