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Top Five Retro Gaming Ninjas


Ninjas are an important part of the history of Japan. In the West they garnered great popularity within film and other forms of entertainment. Whether they were good or bad, there was something about the idea of the ninja that grabbed our attention. So it is no wonder that when they started to make games based on ninjas, they would be just as popul [ … ]

Last Updated ( 30 May 2016 )

Top Five Retro Games Featuring Robots


Robots can be weapons of mass destruction, but they can also be our heroes, maids, companions, friends, and they can even be sports athletes. No matter what purpose robots have, they generally serve to make our lives better (or worse). They can also make the gaming experience better, memorable, exciting, challenging, or all of the above. These five [ … ]

Last Updated ( 23 May 2016 )

The Greatest Gruesome Gore-Filled Retro Gaming Moments


Despite countless reports over the years linking video games to violence, there’s a sheer lack of evidence connecting pixels to crime. Having said that though, you can understand why the dinosaurs in charge may begin to panic when our TV screens flood red… so let’s stir up some more controversy and celebrate our violent gaming past.

Last Updated ( 30 October 2014 )

The Top 5 Scottish Characters In Video Games


With Scotland recently populating all the news channels with heated political discussions, we thought it was about time to shed some light on the greatest wee video game characters from up North! Believe it or not there's more than just the Highland Lemmings up there, so anyone even THINKING of using the phrase ‘Och aye the noo’ will end up on [ … ]

Last Updated ( 18 October 2014 )

Top 5 Drunks in Gaming


Drinking and gaming is something many of us will no doubt mix on a weekend, although the two are rarely found together in the digital realm. When they do appear though, you're almost always guaranteed a laugh thanks to some of these timeless characters. Always remember to drink responsibly, because this lot sure as hell won’t!

Last Updated ( 02 May 2014 )

Top 25 Greatest Nintendo Game Boy Games Of All Time


To further celebrate the Nintendo Game Boy’s 25th anniversary, we’ve decided to look back at the handheld and discuss what may be the greatest titles to ever hit the portable. With hundreds of stand-out releases on offer, it’s been no easy feat compacting the handheld’s library down to a top twenty five.

Last Updated ( 26 April 2014 )

10 Obscure Game Boy Advance Classics That Need To Hit Nintendo's Wii U eShop


With the news that Game Boy Advance games are finally coming to the Wii U’s eShop comes the inevitable shouts of titles people want for the service. So is this just your standard, by the numbers feature pining for the usual first party Nintendo titles and well known AAA titles to be ported across? Hell no. It’s time to look at the more ob [ … ]

Last Updated ( 16 February 2014 )

Top 5 Unusual Video Game Cameos - Vol. 2

What do a bluejay, two doctors and a shrine maiden have in common? Well, not much beyond making cameos in video games where they don't belong.  Here are five more games with special guests, whether they fit in or not!

Last Updated ( 05 January 2014 )

Top 10 Terrifying & Scary Moments In Retro Games


Over just a mere few decades, video games have transformed from addictive high-score challenges into gripping narrative-led adventures, often merging somewhere in the middle. During this evolution many developers have dabbled in the horror genre, but only a handful have managed to really scare the joypads out of our grip! With Halloween under way, [ … ]

Last Updated ( 31 October 2013 )

Greatest Retro Gaming Easter Eggs, Secrets & Cheats: Part 1


Behind each and every video game we've all grown to love over the years was once a dedicated team of artists, coders, musicians and producers. While many of these unintentionally left their mark on the gaming world with their stunning creations, others, however, resorted to unconventional methods such as Easter Eggs and hidden secrets.

Last Updated ( 21 July 2013 )

The Retro Gaming Viewer's Guide To Wimbledon


The sheer joy of pulling off a crosscourt winner or a perfectly executed drop-shot is something anyone can appreciate, whether it's on a real court or in a tennis simulation. So with the greatest tennis event of the year starting today, in the form of Wimbledon, what better time for a retro gaming related feature on the sport?

Last Updated ( 24 June 2013 )
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