Let's Play Together: Retro Game Club

Retro Game Club: Castle Of Illusion (Sega Mega Drive)


After burning up the asphalt, RetroCollect’s Retro Game Club is back! This month we're heading into Mizrabel's fortress of dreams to rescue our beloved Minnie Mouse from the clutches of evil. With more than enough adventure to be had in Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse on the Mega Drive, join the community as we get nostalgic in p [ … ]

Last Updated ( 01 June 2013 )

Retro Game Club: Gran Turismo 2 (Sony PlayStation)


After a long-over due absence, RetroCollect’s Retro Game Club is back! This month we're starting our engines in the car of our dreams, and finding success from the Sunday Cup all the way through to the GT 500 Championship with Gran Turismo 2. Whether or not you accomplish this simulator in a Daihatsu Midget II D-Type or Mitsubishi GTO is up to you, [ … ]

Last Updated ( 28 April 2013 )

Retro Game Club: Crazy Taxi (Multi-platform)


It’s party time, let’s have some fun! The RetroCollect’s Retro Game Club is back and ready to find our community’s very own speed demon capable of insane high scores. Buckle up tight as we tackle Sega’s one and only Crazy Taxi.

Last Updated ( 09 March 2012 )

Retro Game Club: Donkey Kong (Nintendo Game Boy)


Having taken a short break from tackling our favourite classic titles, the Retro Game Club returns. So grab your Game Boy and get ready to head out as we attempt to rescue Pauline from the one and only ape known as Donkey Kong, in this taxing handheld platform adventure.

Last Updated ( 05 September 2011 )

Retro Game Club: Sega Rally Championship (Sega Saturn)


Following on from our adventure into the world of Cave Story, the RetroCollect Retro Game Club returns with a heated competition. With Sega Rally Championship as our chosen game, it's time to grab your steering wheel and get ready to compete for the retro gaming prizes to be won.

Last Updated ( 20 May 2011 )

Retro Game Club: Cave Story (PC)


After a month of block busting battles for a high score on Tetris, the RetroCollect Retro Game Club returns with another adventure to get stuck into. Having chosen Studio Pixel’s Cave Story, we will be revisiting the freeware classic while paying homage to a range of retro games along the way.

Last Updated ( 15 April 2011 )

Retro Game Club: Tetris (Nintendo Game Boy)


Following on from the success of last month's Retro Game Club, we return with another outing as voted by you. Having put forward the question to the forum, this month's choice is everybody's favourite puzzle, Tetris. Grab the nearest Game Boy you can see and come join in the fun.

Last Updated ( 18 March 2011 )

Retro Game Club: WarioLand 4 (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

Retro-Game-Club-Warioland-4-Nintendo-Game-Boy-AdvanceToday we kick off a new feature on RetroCollect, simply titled the Retro Game Club. We ask you to join us in replaying a classic title and discussing it in great detail, with WarioLand 4 on the Game Boy Advance up first.
Last Updated ( 18 February 2011 )

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