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Retro gaming is a culture and that's something you can't deny. The lifestyle is much more than just the games themselves, so understandably we've got a lot to say about them. Get our top lists on the best and worst games around, view our guided tours of retro gaming shops or even take a seat as we delve into gaming lore. Interviews are also up for grabs with game industry veterans, or should you fancy socialising...join the RetroCollect Retro Game Club.

The Making of a Super Nintendo game starring TV's Craig Charles


While we may be familiar with the finished product of a video game, how much do we really know about what happens behind the scenes? With sound effects, programming, graphics and music to consider, the British actor Craig Charles takes us through the entire process at Gremlin Graphics' headquarters.

Last Updated ( 14 October 2011 )

Making One Last Visit To SegaWorld In London's Trocadero


Back when Sega was a world leading name in the video game industry, it was common for entertainment complexes to dedicate space to the blue hedgehog and his sidekicks. In 1996 the newly opened SegaWorld fit this exact description, offering UK gamers a dream-esque adventure to the top of London's Trocadero.

Last Updated ( 11 October 2011 )

The Grey Elephant's Curse - A Tale Of Russia's Video Game Shortcomings


Weren't the 90's great? With Sega and Nintendo battling away to provide us with the latest in video game entertainment, home computers offering an equally enticing experience and even portable game systems on the loose, we never really stopped to think about how lucky we were. A little more so than the Russians apparently...

Last Updated ( 07 October 2011 )

Show Report: Eurogamer 2011 - The Modern, Indie & Retro Event


The great and the good come together to show off, give away free stuff and dazzle us with their HD magic. But with a big retro and indy presence, could this years Eurogamer be a show for everyone?

Last Updated ( 29 September 2011 )

Let's All Watch: Retro Game Master (GameCenter CX) Episode 1


Remember the news regarding the English subtitling of Retro Game Master, a Japanese TV series featuring a cult icon taking on a whole host of Nintendo Famicom challenges? Unfortunately these episodes were blocked for non-US viewers, at least until now thanks to the efforts of an independent team translating the episodes on YouTube.

Last Updated ( 25 September 2011 )

Top 5 Games to Try on Microsoft's Game Room

Oh dear. The Microsoft Game Room. A great idea in theory- make the arcade of your dreams for just 240 Microsoft Points per game!- but in practice, not so much. Can we find five games worth trying on it, though? 'Course we can!

Last Updated ( 10 November 2011 )

Hot Button Topics: Mega Man R.I.P?


He's the face of Capcom, and that face has sold over 28 million games. However, Mega Man is about to face his worst enemy yet, with no energy tanks or powerups, and no 1-ups: Capcom Man.

Last Updated ( 25 September 2011 )

Top 5 McDonalds Themed Retro Gaming Adventures


Product placement within video games is nothing new. With Penguin chocolate bars appearing in Robocod, Golden Grahams cereal in Soccer Kid and Quavers crisps in One Step Beyond, it comes as no surprise that the fast food company released a handful of McDonald's themed retro games over the years.

Last Updated ( 11 September 2011 )

Collector Interview: RPG Enthusiast - Gaz Backhouse (lostruin)


Following on from our last interview with a retro game collector here at RetroCollect, Gaz Backhouse (more commonly known as lostruin) has kindly stepped forward to give us a guided tour of his room of doom. With shelves packed to the brim with RPGs, just wait until you see his overflowing gaming cupboard.

Last Updated ( 09 September 2011 )

The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of the Sega Game Gear TV Tuner


While today seemed no different to any other day, a large number of much loved Sega Game Gear accessories were put to rest. With the digital switchover converting British television signals from analog to digital, the once irreplaceable TV Tuner for Sega's handheld would tune no more.

Last Updated ( 12 September 2011 )

The Anatomy of a Video Game: David Crane's Pitfall! (Atari 2600)


Video games today are astonishingly complex, huge in size and command the type of development budrget that you could start a small war with. Back in the early 80's they were almost seen as toys or something for children. Simple things to keep the kiddies amused while the adults were having the Cold War and trying very hard not to destroy the planet [ … ]

Last Updated ( 08 September 2011 )

Replay 2010 Memories: Sensible Soccer Tournament with Jon Hare


With less than two months until this year's Replay Expo kicks off, we thought it would be nice to look back on one of the highlights from last year's event. A fierce Sensible Soccer World of Soccer tournament was held featuring a host of Brits who were feeling rather confident, at least until an expected visitor crushed all their footballing dreams [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 September 2011 )
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